How to Save Money at the Grocery Store – Weighing Produce

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When I people-watch in the grocery store {which I do often, not for judgement, but for the sheer sake of curiosity}, I am always amazed how few people weigh their produce.  It’s a simple step that can save a ton of money over time.

Next time you grab a bunch of bananas or a bag of grapes, weigh them.  Maybe the best bunch has 2 more bananas than you need, but those two extras might just throw you over the edge budget wise.  So only buy what you need.

The same goes for grapes, just because the bag has 4 lbs., doesn’t mean that’s how many you have to buy.  You can remove some of the grapes, throw them in another bag, and buy {and pay for} only what you need and will use in a given week.

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Along the same lines, keep this principal in mind when you are shopping for an item with multiple varieties {think:  apples}.  The variety on sale for $.88/lb vs. the one $1.29/lb sometimes looks different on the scale.

Here’s my logic on this one:  If I am shopping for apples for Monkey Boy and The Girl’s lunch, then I need two apples, right?  A lot of times, the apples on sale are as big as cantaloupes, and I know they won’t eat the entire apple.  So, if the higher price per pound apples are smaller, then I can get the quantity I need and still come out paying a lower price. Simply weighing out my options can save a ton of cash, and a lot of times, seeing that extra $.50 on the scale helps me keep my budget in check.

How about you, do you weigh your produce or do you skip this step?


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  1. Tracey says

    I don’t weigh but I have 4 kids and can’t keep enough fresh produce in the house to keep them happy. They inhale it lol.

  2. Julie Ann says

    I weigh when I am buying a large amount or I only have a cash-on-hand budget for said items. Most of the time though, I’ve discovered I have a knack for estimating within a couple of ounces which is good enough for me! I have a tiny food budget but I’d rather spend more on produce so it’s my “free choice” expenditure… but only on deep sale and only the stuff that we NEED. No fancy produce here – just the basics.

  3. Diana T. says

    I weigh, especially the pre-packaged bags of produce, like oranges and onions. Usually one 5lb. bag of oranges actually weighs more than the others, even though they’re all priced the same.

  4. LaToya says

    I never weigh produce, and I’m always shocked at how much it cost at the checkstand. Duh, weigh the freakin’ food. The grapes – like at Albies in the pre-packaged bags…you think it’s OK to take what you want out of those bags? I have never seen loose ones there so I don’t think many people do that. But that’s why I don’t buy them often, they are packed in bags that’ll cost you 8 bucks. But I’d take less. I don’t want to get yelled at by produce boy. Hmm…something to try…

    • Mary Ann says

      I do it with grapes and cherries all the time. There’s way too much fruit in those prepackaged bags for the two of us to use up before they go bad (even with a pet squirrel in the house that loves them, too). I’ve never gotten yelled at by a produce guy or a cashier.

    • Mavis says

      You of all people DO NOT WEIGH YOUR PRODUCE. LaToya, I am shocked! 😉 You totally seem like a buy 1 grape to bring my total to zero person.

      • LaToya says

        LOL – that’s you! I do the buy 1 piece of Brach’s candy 😉 But 1 grape is a whole lot better for you than those little square neopolitan coconut candies – ha!

  5. Jenna says

    We rarely weigh unless there is a coupon poundage limit. We do go in and use the produces scales a lot during pinewood derby season….to weigh the cars that is.

    • Sheila M. says

      Hey Jenna, I had to laugh at your pinewood derby comment. I remember my late night trip to the grocery store asking if the cashier would weigh my car. The car was overweight so I went to the parking lot, drilled a few holes, and asked if he’d weigh it again. Thanks for the memory.

  6. Skelton says

    I weigh my produce too. I often buy those big bags of produce that are sold on a per-unit price rather than a per-pound price, e.g. 10 lb bag of potatoes for $2. The bags have to have a minimum of 10 lbs, but often have a little extra. Sometime’s I’ll get an extra pound or so for free!

  7. Susan says

    I weigh everything. Like you, if I want 3 bananas, that’s what I
    tear off a bunch and take. Grapes, too. Won’t spend $10 for a massive bag of grapes we won’t eat. Just remove the ones I don’t want to another bag.

    And I don’t know anyone who can eat that cantaloupe-size apple for lunch! Only good for desserts or crowds. I prefer the “lunchbox size” myself.

  8. says

    I always weigh pre-packaged things like berries and potatoes and onions. Because even though they might say 5lbs, that is the min required to be in that bag/package. Some have more. And some often have less. So I take like three bags over to the scale and keep the one with the most weight. As they are all the same price, I want to make sure I get the most for my money.

    And I have never ever seen anyone else use the scale in a grocery store. Sometimes I get stares (but I use coupons and wear a LOT of pink- both have made me used to stares) and sometimes I get “oh that’s a good idea” comments. But I’ve still yet to see another person weigh anything.


  9. says

    I weigh everything (bulk food too) because I use an app on my phone when I shop called Cart Buddy. It’s a grocery list app. I make my list in the app and then it will tell you what your list cost is and what your cart cost is once all of your prices are input. I input prices as I shop and now that I’ve used it for months and months most of the prices of what I normally buy are now saved. It also helps because I often buy the same brand of items so I can tell if a price has gone up or down. I don’t change the price if an item is on sale. I just know that that item will be less expensive at the checkout. When I go to pay the total at the register should be less than what I have on my phone. If it isn’t I didn’t record something. It also helps because I strictly shop with cash. If I know I have $X and the total on my phone is more than that I have to put something back.

  10. Lisa says

    I always weigh all my produce. I do take out things like grapes, cherries, etc and only buy the amount I want. I keep a running list of my grocery total as I go through the store, not just so I know what I’m spending, but to make sure I am charged correctly. Several times their total is not close to mine and after checking they had made an error or something didn’t come up correctly.

  11. An Oregon mom says

    I used to weigh produce before I had kids. But with a family of six, I know a bag of grapes will only last a day or two. So we only buy the fruits and veggies with the best price. Because really who needs to pay $2.87 a pound for grapes, that is insane!

  12. BethAnne says

    I’m a people watcher too and find myself checking out everyone’s grocery cart as they go by or watching them unload onto the conveyor.

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