Is My Chicken a Rooster?

silver laced wyandotte rooster

Okay everyone, I’m pretty sure Pablo is a rooster, but after 16 weeks he still has not made any crowing sounds or behaved in an ungentlemanly like manner. Picasso follows Pablo everywhere and all the other hens love him/her.

silver laced wyandotte rooster tail feather and hen

Picasso is on the left and Picasso on the right.

We made a quick video this morning so those of you with rooster knowledge can weigh in. We’ve never had a rooster before, but I’m pretty sure Pablo is a roo, even if he hasn’t made noise. Is it possible to have a nice rooster that doesn’t crow? Have we spoiled him that much?

Let us know what you think.


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  1. Susan Robinson says

    Friends of ours have chickens in the inner city of Indianapolis and they ended up with a roo. All of their flock are named after First Ladies because one of the owners is a City County Counselman and very involved with politics. They have Dolly (Madison), Martha (Washington), etc. So when “Jackie O” was discoved to be a rooster, her name was changed to “JFK”. He still doesn’t crow.

  2. Heidi says

    We ended up with two roosters. One crowed earlier and louder then the other ever did. One started crowing around 16 weeks and the second one about 18 weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you have a “non-crower”. Lay on some sweet chicken talk and dress him in pink maybe it will help.

  3. Framing Fowl says

    It’s a rooster. Sorry. Sometimes they take a bit longer to crow. Our favorite rooster Cedric was very gentle and loved to be picked up and held. He’d follow us around the yard like a dog. He’d only crow a couple of times in the morning. We were super lucky because most of our neighbors were old farm people and loved hearing him. Nobody else said anything to us, I don’t think they could hear him over all the neighborhood dogs barking.

    Maybe Pablo will be super quiet and no one will know if you keep him!

  4. says

    had too tell you he is quite handsome, loves his girls, let him roost, before you know it you will have eggs, happy layers are happy rooters i say! haha!

  5. Karin says

    He is most definitely a roo. Saddle feathers coming in for sure means boy. Some crow later and some crow less often but I would expect a crow pretty soon! (Almost zero chance that he’ll be a non-crowing rooster)

  6. Sara says

    I spoke to a gal at work today. She has Silkie and it does not crow. However very rair all ROO’s will crow at some point. Weather it is a soft noise or a loud one all will. If a Roo is under a year old he is just a late crower. It also might be that the less dominate if your Pablo less dominate Roo’s crow less if at all then the dominate one. Do you maybe have 2 Roo’s?

  7. Jennifer says

    My rooster didn’t crow until he was over 6 months old, and even now he doesn’t crow every day. I’m not sure what moves him to crow when he does.

  8. says

    Yep, sorry, definitely a roo! The pointed neck and saddle feathers are a giveaway. See how Picasso has nice rounded feathers in front of her tail? Pablo is a handsome boy though. 😉

  9. Jen J says

    I’m sitting at work, watching your chicken video, and just hysterical with laughter. Your chickens are definitely in love with the camera (and dare I say the camera is in love with them?)!

  10. LaToya says

    Wait. Do only girl chickens lay eggs? Like non-roosters? Or does he lay eggs too? I mean I would think if he’s not, he’s a rooster? That’s what a rooster is, right? A boy chicken? LOL!! I have no idea. The subject makes me giggle…

  11. says

    Given where you purchased the bird and the breeds they sell I’m guessing it is a Columbian Wyandotte. Although Picasso looks a heck of a lot like a Silver Laced Wyandotte. In any case Wyandotte breeds do have what’s called a rose comb, but Pablo’s isn’t huge like some roos. However, the feathers are a dead giveaway. Sorry… he’s a roo. That being said, there are some chickens that are hermaphroditic. Usually it is a hen that stops laying and begins crowing. Maybe he’s a transgender roo? The likely scenario is that he just hasn’t decided to crow yet. I’m still of the camp of keep him until he crows. Even then, we had one here that would do a quiet little crow in the morning 3 times and then he was done.

  12. Katie says

    Rooster, sorry. Our friends got two white leghorn pullets and thought they were hens. Tail feathers got nice and long like pablo’s and combs were dark red. they were probably 8mos old when they crowed for the first time. good luck finding him a home.

  13. Denise says

    great video. I love how Pablo HAD to be the center of attention! I love the chicken noises. Silly birdies. How are yours holding up in the cold? Mine are begging at my back door lately, although they have plenty of food and scratch.

  14. Gen says

    So if he is a rooster….

    I know you guys are attached to the chickens….but I would eat him. If you need to get rid of him…I’d eat him. Just want to put in my two cents.

  15. Tra says

    I don’t know much about chickens but I do know that he is a GEORGEOUS bird! I would love to have enough land to have a pretty rooster like Pablo. Or would that be handsome?

  16. Ashley says

    Hmmm….my expert daughter (she’s almost 3) disagrees with most of you. She saw the video and said that it was a ‘mean girl’. :p

  17. Destini says

    Well early on I thought Pablo was a roo but now I know for sure that he is definately a roo he will be crowing soon. He sure is a gorgeous bird. :) You know that roosters do protect chickens but can get agressive.. The fact that you have handled him and were not ever mean or thought of as a threat towards the hens may be why he is so docile.. Has he tried mounting any hens yet? Thats not far off either.. I ordered more chickens for arrival in march I waited until Christmas morning to tell my boyfriend because I ordered 15.. I could not help it there were so many to choose from :) He was not thrilled but he loves our hens as much as I do :)

  18. says

    He looks like he may be a Brahma. If so they are late developers. And are considered to be the Gentle Giants of chickens like Great Danes are the gentle giants of dogs. Very mild sweet personalities,

  19. Lynnette says

    I just read an article in Backyard Poultry, vol 9, no 6, Dec ’14/Jan ’15, called Spontaneous Sex Change. It referred to chickens being hermaphroditic, having both sex organs and the occurrence of them changing from a hen to a rooster. It occurs when the left ovary is damaged or fails to produce necessary estrogen. The ovary on the right side is an undefined gonad, so it kicks in with testosterone and whampo, popo, hen turns to rooster!
    There are several sources in the article that document these facts.

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