Kitchen Tip – How to Prevent Cheese from Drying Out

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tillamook cheese

Have you ever gotten a great deal on cheese, but had it dry out and harden before you could eat it all?  Next time you open a package of cheese, spread a thin layer of  butter or margarine on the cut edges of your cheese, it acts as a seal to keep moisture in.  {This is particularly effective on hard cheeses that were sealed in wax to begin with.}

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~ Mavis


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  1. I freeze cheese and it will keep for months. Some cheeses get a little bit more crumbly after they’re thawed, but they taste and melt fine.

  2. Can cream cheese be frozen?

  3. I’ve frozen cream cheese and it came out fine.

  4. Great idea! I usually use a sandwhich bag or saran wrap and a rubber band over the opening and works great for us!

  5. Jackie M. says:

    Back in the day when it took forever to go through a block of cheese, I heard from Martha Stewart (or some other smarty pants) that if you wrap your cheese in wax paper before sticking it into a ziplock it won’t go bad as quickly. It’s rare that we ever had moldy cheese after we started doing that.

  6. Another tip is to cut it into useful size chunks and store them in a jar filled with olive oil. when you need one pull it out dab off the oil and as you would say, yada, yada, yada :) we live on a small sailboat and store things up to a year. Btw I have had un-opend blocks of cheese stores un-refridgerated in a cool place for up to a year with no issues. Love your blog. A

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