Mavis Mail – Reader Denise Sends in Her Front Yard Garden Photos


Check out these photos One Hundred Dollars a Month reader Densie from Spanaway sent in, aren’t they awesome? I especially like the bean teepee her son is sitting under.

Here is what Denise had to say:

I have a few pictures of my garden to share. Well, garden pictures from the summer. Now I’m getting even more itchy to plant again after looking through my photos. This cold spell here is getting crazy.


In April I dug up a 17 x 30 patch of my front yard for an edible garden. Yay suburbia!  It turned out great and I’m looking forward to doing it again. Here in the gray northwest, it’s hard sometimes to get all the sun we need for veggies. It’s all in the front. I was initially inspired by the book The Ediable Front Yard then guided a whole lot more by Steve Solomon, a PNW guru who knows his stuff.




Denise your garden is AWESOME and so are all those fresh vegetables. Are you planning on expanding your garden or doing anything different this year? Let us know, we’d love to know more.


For an interesting article on Front Yard Gardens head on over HERE.

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  1. Robin says

    Denise your garden is awesome. I’d love to be your next door neighbor. You need a little sign that reads “Grow food not lawns” maybe you are inspiring some of your neighbors and don’t even know it yet (hopefully). The little guy in the bean teepee is adorable. He has the coolest hang out. Wishing you a bumper 2013!

  2. DWC says

    Quick question – What material to you use for the bean teepee so that it is supportive, but not terribly expensive to build? I do more of a modified square-foot gardening and have not had much luck with the beans. May consider giving it another go…. Thanks!


    • Mavis says

      I used tree branches from the backyard. However, my neighbor uses 8 foot green poles she purchased at the Home Depot. I hope that helps.

  3. UgaVic says

    Love the garden and so glad Denise has figured out how to make it work in the sometimes gloom of the PNW.

    I will trade her most times for what we deal with here in AK, but in all honesty we are blessed too!

    The more people can do even a little for themselves and their families the better our health and even our country is better off!!

    Keep us ‘in the loop’!

  4. Kim says

    Very inspirational! I’m hoping to convert some of my front lawn this season. These pics will show hubby how pretty edible plants can be.

  5. sonia blue says

    Mavis I love your page. I had my 1st sucess this year with a veggie garden and would love to submit some pics how do I do that?

    • Mavis says

      Hi Sonia. You can submit your pictures and your story to onehundreddollarsamonth @ {spaces removed}. Thanks.

  6. Helen in Meridian says

    Mavis, the Landscape Fabric Rolls have arrived at Costco. We still have snow/sludge but Costco here has the landscape fabric here.

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