Mavis’ Backyard Garden Tour – November

I’ll have you know I talked to Santa Claus last night.  I was telling him how everyone told me to cover my garden beds with straw and now my garden looks untidy, and how Mary Poppins would totally disapprove of the mess.

You know what Santa told me? 

“Don’t worry Mavis, all those meanies will be getting coal this year.  I’ll make sure of it.”


Rainbow Swiss Chard


Red Cabbage



Oh what a mess!  I don’t know if me and my OCD are cut out for winter gardening.



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  1. Terri says

    Mavis, we are doing our first winter gardening in cold houses in 2 locations. I can’t wait to see how it works out. It’s an experiment that I hope works. Greens are so expensive in the grocery stores and it would surely help towards lowering our grocery budget. You are an inspiration.

  2. JessieM says

    If you can stand it, you could put newspapers over the straw and wet them down. It should keep the straw from blowing all over your yard. Once it dries out in the spring, it shouldn’t be terrible to pick up.

  3. Rachele says

    Mavis, I too like things to look neat and tidy. When I cover my winter crops with straw, I first wet the straw. That allows me to smoosh it into the shape/area that I want with no hideous stragglers hanging out all over the place. And the straw kind of dries all stuck together, so it STAYS where I put it.

  4. Jesse says

    I use leaves for insulation in my winter garden….they still get all over but at least they blend in with the rest of the unraked leaves! Also, free!

    I have straw in my gnesting boxes and I HATE it when the chicks kick it out and it gets in the grass. It is messy looking!

  5. Jenna says

    You could always use pantyhose/mesh stuffed with straw, homemade ‘Straw Wattles’. Or see if you can find greenhouse toppers for the beds, used for winter, stored in summer. Some companies sell them in specific sizes, and there are online tutorials.

  6. Carol says

    It looks like grocery money to me. Train your OCD to see $$$$ growing and that may dull the urge to purge the straw. Honestly, your garden does look amazing!

  7. Susan Robinson says

    I can totally see you out there tomorrow raking up un-tidy straw!! Resist, Mavis! You will be glad as you see your plants staying safe.

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