Mavis Butterfield | Backyard Garden Plot Pictures – Week 2 of 52

raised garden beds picture

This past week I worked on cleaning up the garden beds, pulling weeds, laying landscape fabric down near the chicken coop, and cleaning out the greenhouse.

Because there was a burn ban this past week, I wasn’t able to get the  stumps burned in the backyard like I had hoped, but I was able to get start some seeds for the 2013 garden.

Believe it or not, this is my favorite time of year in the garden. There are so many possibilities, and the glimmer of hope that comes with every packet of seeds and their ability to grow into something amazing just warms my soul on these cold January days.

Week 2 of 52 – Mavis’ Backyard Garden Plot

bean teepee

raised garden beds seattle

wooded garden setting

magnum glass greenhouse glass gardener tacoma

wooded garden setting pictures

future garden setting plot

omlet claire chicken coop eglu

local raspberry plants washington raspberry patch

costco pots

botanical interests seeds seed packets

This years garden is being sponsored by the awesome folks at Botanical Interests Seed Company.  You can check out their website HERE, order their new 2013 Garden Seed Catalog HERE, or visit my boyfriend Ryan’s blog HERE.

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  1. UgaVic says

    Am laughing as I would love to be able to get out and do some rock borders and a little clean-up but things are still frozen to the ground.

    I can plan and on days it does thaw out some can work in our high tunnels, although I haven’t started this year.

    We are working to set up a good seed starting area, with lights, mats and such. I need to figure out what all we want to order for seeds and get that done immediately.

    Looking forward to following along.

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