Mavis Butterfield | Backyard Garden Plot Pictures – Week 3 of 52

raised garden boxes in winter

This past week was pretty slow in the garden, both indoors and out. Mostly because the ground was frozen solid and it has been bitter cold outside for what seems like forever. Being from the Northwest, I am totally used to working in the rain, it doesn’t even phase me. But hello, when it’s so cold I can’t even walk outside without my face going numb, I totally throw in the trowel, and call it a day.

Clearly, I’m not as hearty as I though I was. I don’t think I could cut it living in Alaska, Maine or anyplace else that requires a down jacket just to walk outside to get the mail. Let them have their snow and hot cocoa, I’ll take the balmy Seattle weather any day of the week.

So what DID I get done in the garden last week? Well, I created a rock border about 2 feet from the fence so I can grow sunflowers and zucchini this summer, I cleaned my seed starting trays, and I also ordered another set of grow lights.  Plus, we planted our first lettuce seeds of the year as well.

Harvest wise there was wheatgrass, beets, and eggs.

Not super exciting I suppose, but it’s still January after all, so we can’t expect miracles.


Week 3 of 52 – Mavis’ Backyard Garden Plot


bean teepee

raised garden bed

garden in winter

magnum glass greenhouse

frozen garden space

frozen bark

omlet chicken coop

raspberry patch in winter

raspberry canes

This years garden is being sponsored by the awesome folks at Botanical Interests Seed Company.  You can check out their website HERE, order their new 2013 Garden Seed Catalog HERE, or visit my boyfriend Ryan’s blog HERE.

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  1. says

    Gearing up here, have planted my pepper seeds for seedlings. Monday is a good day according to the farmers almanac to plant several other seeds , tomatoes being one and then other above ground crops. I just love when its time to start planting the seedlings! Have my peppers on the heating blanket :O). That is how I start my seeds. I use a heating blanket and use seed trays with covers. This year I got some little indoor greenhouses (shelving with zip covers) so once they sprout on the heating blanket I can move them to the little indoor green houses , roll them outside when nice or when not put them by sunny windows.

    I have been getting Kumquats still! I have all my citrus trees in pots… I had heard lemons, limes, kumquats do super in pots. Well its so true! In the winter I put them in my greenhouse and have a space heater that kicks on by temp. My kumquat still has ripe and ripening fruit. Most tasty!

    I would not do well in a super cold climate either. Though Texas summers are almost more than I can take. I call Texas the devils playground LOL…Not due to mean but due to heat! :O)

  2. Sara says

    I woke up to frozen car doors. My sixteen year old was able to open one slidding door then he went over to the other side of the van yanked on the handle and broke it off. Wow I had no idea eating veggies from the garden made you have super hero strength. How to break it to hubby…… van broken latch. My poor son.

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