Mavis Butterfield – Q13 Fox News Video

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mavis butterfield fox 13 news seattle marni hughes

I stopped by Q13 Fox News this afternoon and chatted with Marni about feeding my family for One Hundred Dollars a Month. Who knew saving money could be so much fun? Here is the video in case you missed it.


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  1. I love how she’s so incredulous… and was trying so hard, in a very subtle way, to get you to say something radical, like that you don’t think milk has any expiration date! LOL. Oh, Marni!

    You did great, Mavis! Was that a jar of homemade granola?

  2. Good job! But missed your bud Francisco!!

  3. That was great!! Way to go!!

  4. Great job! You were so relaxed and spoke very well. Way to go!!!!

  5. Mavis! Your famous! Hey, that even rhymes. ;)

    I love the way you express yourself. so cute. From the way you type I had a bit of a different personality but I really like you. LOL! Creepy, sorry.

  6. Great video Mavis. Sure puts gives me hope in the “not buying it” part of our blog.

    Oh, Sherrill here, the other half of Five Mile Furrow blog with Michelle.

    You are amazing. Happy gardening.

  7. Awesome! You did a great job!

  8. Loved your interview. Sillyquestion ….but do you ever wear your hair down? Would love to see picture of that.

  9. You rocked that piece! I was anxious to hear what you sounded like, and see your mannerisms … When I saw you in your ponytail & glasses looking like I’ve come to think of you, I felt so reassured, and thought how genuine you are … I’ve really enjoyed your blog … Particularly the gardening tips, but also your recent focus on getting away from processed foods.

    My cheese making kit arrived from Amazon today … Thanks for the tip!!

  10. You rocked it! :)

  11. Mavis you did great!! Do you know when the Evening Magazine piece will run?

  12. SO fun!! I love that you’re emphasizing gardening more. LOVE!!!

  13. laura aguero says:

    Great job! You sounded very poised and eloquent. :)

  14. Job well done Mavis! You are so right on the canned good exp. dates. Everything you said was right on the mark.

  15. Margaret Bushee says:

    Well done! I thought I saw you wanting to correct her when at the end she said your website is called “Hundred Dollars a Month”. Way to hold that in! Not easy to do! Thank goodness they had the correct website name listed at the bottom of the shot. :D

  16. Thanks for posting the link. Your blog posts are always a highlight to read and now I got to see you and hear your voice. I’ll echo the other comments – you did a wonderful job. I hope this brings your blog lots of new readers!

  17. After reading your blog for over a year, it’s always fun to actually see & hear you! You did very well, though I know those type of spots can be nerve-wracking. And yeah, as Margaret said, they seem to have a difficult time getting your site name right! :)

  18. I wanted to see you throw your arms in the air like Molly Shannon and yell SUPERSTAR

  19. The link posted is taking me to a “raw beyonce singing the American athem”. :(

  20. Heather T. says:

    Great video Mavis.

  21. Thanks for posting! Wonderful job!!!!

  22. I thought was great, she didn’t give you enough time! You didn’t get to tell about bartering and the grocery veggie left overs… I asked our produce manager at Hannafords and he told me they give the leftovers to the food bank and the really bad stuff they had to throw away store policy, I told him I would come and get it for my chickens and compost but he said no he couldn’t ….

  23. Did you know you can make banana nut conserve with your ripe bananas? Its really good.

  24. Aww .. this is a great interview. And, I’m glad to see that you’ve gotten away from so much processed food with coupons.

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