Mavis Garden Blog – Free Range Chickens Will Eat Your Garden Vegetables

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Yesterday afternoon I put on my new {to me} red boots and headed out to the garden.

When I’m in the backyard I usually let the girls {and Pablo} out to play because I can keep an eye on them. I simply love watching them run around because it makes them so happy to be free. If they start to misbehave I simply heard them back to the chicken run and shake my finger at them disapprovingly.

But soon after letting them out I got a phone call and had to go back into the house to look something up online super quick.

Fast forward about 2 hours, and by the time I had gone back out to the garden, those pesky chickens of mine had scratched the holy goodness out of my garlic bed. Not only did they munch on some of the garlic sprouts, but it appears they also ran off with a few of the cloves as well. What kind of weirdo chickens eat garlic anyway?

Do you know of a place that currently has certified garlic bulbs in stock?  Can I even plant garlic this late in the year?  What a bunch of naughty chickens I have.  I’m totally calling Santa so he’ll put a halt on the 5 pound bag of chicken scratch the hens had requested.




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  1. Amber Knight says:

    Mavis, You can still plant garlic. Just find a store that sells Organic garlic and that will go for it.

  2. Call my favorite nursery the brothers greenhouses 360-674-2558 to see if they have more garlic.

  3. I just ordered some bulbs from – slim pickins, but still some there

  4. I was told as long as you haven’t had a HARD frost, it would be okay to plant the garlic.

  5. The kind of chickens that are on the lookout for Count Chickula…. or Edward.

  6. Will their eggs be SMELLY? haha. Garlic eggs. Those naughty birds!

  7. It’s always management’s fault!

  8. Maybe you should switch your Santa request to some dumplings and noodles. teehee

  9. My chickens have destroyed my garlic every time I have planted it. Every time. I now plant mine in big pots in a part of the yard they can’t get to.

  10. Jamaica Rose says:

    I use approx. 4-6 foot sections of chicken wire to lay over beds I’ve recently planted to keep the “girls” from scratching them up. As the plants start sprouting up (or if I used transplants) I prop up the chicken wire a few inches with forked sticks. Soon the plants get big enough to hold their own against the hens and then I can remove the chicken wire. Still, I only let my hens out while I’m out there to keep an eye on them too.

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