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This morning I hauled one of my giant pots from the upper patio all the way around back to the greenhouse.  I like doing stuff like this when the Handsome Husband is at work so I don’t have to go through his whole “I want to live in a condo” routine.

The HH tends to freak out when I haul {or have him haul} heavy pots full of dirt through the house. Does your husband do this {freak out}?

Anywho, it’s a good thing he wasn’t around when I did this because getting this puppy out both doors, down the porch steps, and out to the greenhouse was quite the ordeal I tell you.  I lost a {little} dirt in to process and 2 tomatoes.  LOL.

But the good news is, I did get my Roma tomato plant out to the greenhouse safe and sound.  I wish I knew how long the tomato plant is going to last out there… But I suppose only time will tell.

Here are a few other fruits and vegetables that are currently growing in our greenhouse.

Fore more greenhouse updates, head on over HERE.

Peace Out Girl Scouts, I’m off to cause some more trouble.


If you are thinking about growing vegetables this winter, Amazon currently has Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long By Eliot Coleman in stock, and ready to ship. I own a copy and it has a bunch of useful information in it.

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  1. Leanna says

    When I need to rearrange furniture I do it when he is gone because he wants me to put on shoes and I want to do it barefoot. Plus he makes me nervous as I am deciding and changing my mind about where it goes.

    • Marcy says

      That’s funny! I hate wearing shoes when I move furniture around and my husband insists it’s a safety ‘issue’…to him maybe. LOL! So, like you, I do it when he’s at work.

  2. Cindy says

    LOL Mavis! DH thinks I make a mess this time of the year as outdoor plants come inside so I do it when he’s out with the cattle. :) You’re not alone- far from it; I think it’s something generations of women have done to keep peace in the household!

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