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This morning I went out to the garden to pick {what I thought would be} a few zucchini so I could make some zucchini bread.  Well apparently it’s been awhile since I’ve picked zucchini.

Holy Zucchini Crack!  After I took off for the weight of the container, I had harvested 68.9 pounds of the squash.  Dang, that’s going to make a lot of bread.

Now obviously I can’t stand around the kitchen baking loaves of zucchini bread all day and night, but I did want to preserve it for this winter when there will be no zucchini {just freakin’ kale} in the garden.

So I decided to freeze it.

Is that weird?  Have YOU ever frozen zucchini before?  I mean I know it’s the most abundant squash on the planet and all, but still.  I can’t let it go to waste either.

How to Freeze Shredded Zucchini

  • Grate zucchini {if you have large zucchini cut them in half and remove the seeds first}
  • Place shredded zucchini in a colander and then place the colander in a bowl to drain
  • After 30 minutes press down on zucchini to remove more juice
  • Fill quart sized freezer bags with 2 cups of zucchini each
  • Zucchini can be frozen for up to one year

Most standard zucchini bread recipes call for 2 cups of shredded zucchini.  If your favorite recipes calls for more or less, just adjust how much you put in the bag.

Peace Out Girl Scouts,

I’ve got some more shredding to do.


Looking for a few ways to use up some of your zucchini?  Not only is the The Zucchini Houdini by Brenda Stanley highly rated, Amazon currently has it on sale.  Hot Diggety!

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  1. Kelly says

    Oh I’ve frozen zucchini lots of times and it works like a charm! Although, I have never drained the liquid from it. In fact, I like to leave the extra liquid in there as I think it makes the bread more moist. But I’m sure either way works fine. Nothing like zucchini bread in the middle of winter!

  2. Ashley says

    Wowza! I love how you just happened to find almost 70lbs of zucchinni, lol!

    I’ve never shredded it for the freezer, but I’ve steamed and pureed it (for baby food) and then used it in other things like sauces, baking, etc. Shredding it seem easier though ;p

  3. Gwenn Ferguson says

    I’ve frozen shredded zucchini before and used the thawed out stuff in baked goods, meatloaf, meatballs, casseroles, etc. It’s a great way to sneak in veggies.

  4. destiny says

    I have frozen zucchini using this exact method. I also have a blue ribbon recipe for chocolate zucchini bread! I managed to slip it into spaghetti sauce, muffins, carrot cake, brownies…

  5. says

    I have been thinking about trying this. Thank you. This has given me some motivation!

    That would have been a LOT of bread. I noticed one another blog a month ago this lady was baking 12 loaves a day! Each morning! Wowsers.

  6. Mary Ann says

    I’m so jealous! I planted zucchini as an afterthought at the end of June here in So Cal and my plants didn’t do very well. I harvested all of 6 zucchini from 2 plants — gave away 4 of them before I decided to look for a zucchini bread recipe, so I only got to make 2 batches (5 small loaves each). It was so delicious (Paula Deen’s recipe) that now I wish I had more zucchini! Too bad you’re so far away. I’d donate to the seed fund for some of that gorgeous zucchini you’re growing!

  7. Alyssa says

    SWEET!! I was JUST this morning wondering how to freeze all of the ginormous zucchini’s that neighbors have given to me. Now I know!! Thank you!!!

  8. Lynda says

    I use the “Julia Child” method of freezing zucchini: she added a bit of salt to the shredded zukes before draining in the colander…it helps draw out the excess liquid and it doesn’t interfere with the flavor if using for sweets or savory! Then she squeezed the be- geezus out of the zukes, packed in two cup zip bags and then froze…it really works well!

  9. Kerry says

    I just froze 24 cups today and 16 cups yesterday. I can’t believe you shred all those zucchini by hand. My Kitchenaide shredding attachment saves me!

  10. Anne says

    I’m curious, everyone. Most of the online canning/freezing sites recommend blanching the shredded zucchini before freezing. Has anyone tried it both ways and noticed a difference in flavor or texture?

    I’d like to use some of my “shreds” for zucchini frittatas, fritters, meatloaf, and pancakes.

    • Elizabeth F says

      I do not blanch. I shred some and put in 1 cup bags, that I put in a larger gallon size freezer bags. These I just grab one or 2 and add to soup, chili, spaghetti sauce. Do not bother to drain either as the liquid is not important.

      Maybe the way you want to use it you would at least want to drain well ahead of time as you would want more separate shreds when comes time to use.

  11. Robin Welch says

    If you find yourself swimming in more try slicing it and dehydrating some. I add it to sauces, dips, soups and it doesn’t take up freezer space.

  12. subienkow says

    Reading all the comments make me feel a little left out. I’ve tried freezing zucchini before (shredded for breads), but even with draining, it always seems to be watered down.

    I’ll freeze peppers and use them for mid-winter stir-fries and salsas, though.

    ps- nothing against the hand shredder (pun intended), you must have a Kitchenaide? That foolish thing is a God-send!

  13. Betsy says

    I do this all the time in the summer. There is only so much zucchini that I can eat over the summer when everything is so fresh and it is great to have zucchini bread in the middle of the winter.

  14. Saralie says

    Well I am pumped now, I am going to take out my kitchen-aid shredder and start shredding my zucchini and carrots. I am sure I will be so happy to have them this winter. Thanks for the good post.

  15. Sarah says

    Dear beloved, frugal Mavis,

    Do you REALLY NOT have a food processor with a grating feature??? In high maint. Suburbia no less? Please tell me that was just a photo op thing, and you don’t actually do all your chopping/grating/purreeing by hand??? If this is honestly the case, Puh-leeze put your Amazon cards to good use and get yourself a KitchenAid, woman! Their biggest one. Your life, andbkitchen, will be forever changed. Even more time for planting…kale!

    Sarah in Gibsons (again)

  16. Lindsey says

    You should make Goulash with your zucchini!!
    hot peppers
    olive oil
    tomato paste

    put in a crock pot over night and there you have it!!! I canned 3 batches already! Now to enjoy goulash pizza!

  17. says

    I use the same method but don’t bother with draining. I form zucchini lumps using a 1 cup measuring cup, then freeze on a cookie sheet. The frozen lumps go in freezer containers or ziploc bags, and I know they are 1 cup each.

  18. says

    I have been wanting to freeze up some of our shredded zucchini because I really don’t feel like making any more bread or muffins right now but we always had the watery issue with our frozen zucchini. I think I will try this method and drain it before freezing.

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