Mavis Garden Blog – How to Plant Bulbs in Mass Quantities

Yesterday afternoon I played hooky from the blog so I could get a few more bulbs planted.  This time around I planted bulbs under our large maple tree.

  • 150 Daffodils
  • 132 Tulips
  • 120 Grape Hyacinth and White Flowers {?}

2 years ago this area was covered in bark.  This past summer it was filled with pumpkins, and this spring, if all goes as planned {and the critters don’t eat my bulbs} we will have a spectacular bulb display.

For some reason, this round went a little easier than my last planting. Partly because I knew what I was doing this time, and also because the wet leaves made a nice border to work within.

2 hours and 402 bulbs later, I was done.

I know this is going to sound weird, but I really want some more bulbs.  What’s wrong with me?  I still have a ton sitting in the garage left to plant, but I think I could fill the whole backyard with color if I had more.

But them there would be no room for vegetables.  So I better stop or I’ll be in trouble {not to mention the HH is going to freak out next spring as it is LOL}.

I suppose there are worse hobbies than gardening.  Right?

Let’s hope it stops raining for a bit so I can get out there and plant the rest of the bulbs today.

Peace Out Girl Scouts,


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  1. Linda says

    You are going to have the most beautiful/colorful garden ever…can’t wait for the pictures!!! Can you come over and play in the garden with me…I used to be a Girl Scout !!

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