Mavis Garden Blog – Late Fall Tomato Harvest

I’m exhausted.

I’ve been working in the garden all afternoon and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was taking me so long to harvest and pull up all the tomato plants.

Then I realized what I had eaten today. 11 homemade chocolate chip cookies, and about 22 cups of hot tea. No wonder I feel like such a slacker, I’ve been wandering around the backyard all afternoon in a sugar coma unable to focus.

Yes, some days I eat like a teenage boy.  I mean c’mon, I can’t healthy things like kale and smoothies everyday of the week now can I?  That would be totally boring.

Take a look at these heirloom tomato.  Aren’t they beautiful?

I haven’t gotten all the tomatoes picked yet, but I’m almost there.  Only 6 more plants to go and then I’ll be done.  They I get to plant some Swiss chard.  Geez wiz… That sounds like fun huh?

What did you do this afternoon… Or rather what did you eat?

Hopefully it was a wee bit more nutritious than cookies and tea.


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  1. says

    I was in the same sugar crash mode as you today. I had 2 donut holes and 2 chocolate old fashioned with a cup of coffee. I’m gluten, dairy and egg free. I typically eat really well all the time. I’m not sure what happened to my sanity today. A bowl of Ginger coconut mung bean soup over wild rice saved the day. I’ve spent the day finishing up canning apple butter, cleaning up from the apple sauce fiasco last night and organizing and returning items borrowed for my wedding a couple of weeks ago. Where does the time go?

  2. Miriam says

    I ate a bite of chicken bouillon rice with onion in it, a 1/2 can of unsalted green beans, a handful of bite size oreos and some M&M’s. No worries, Mavis. All of us fail sometimes. My husband said he’d help me make delicious pasta. Perhaps yours will help you out, too. :)

  3. Melissa says

    Greek yogurt with berries and homemade graham crackers.

    Pepperoni sandwich on homemade hamburger bun (with reclaimed lettuce)
    Carrot sticks (reclaimed carrots)

    Hamburger (100% grass fed locally raised) on homemade hamburger bun (with reclaimed lettuce) and salad (100% reclaimed, except the dressing – which was homemade).

    I also got supplies to make all of my garden markers for next year and planted 130 cloves of garlic!

    Guess I ate like a pig today!

  4. Jessica says

    I’m always impressed when I see your photos with all of unplanted areas with no weeds! Do you have any secret tips to keep it so nice or are you just lucky? :)

  5. Penelope says

    Today has been weird here too. But then the circumstances of today have determined that. One thing we did was pick all our apples. I’m shocked and pleased to share that we have 180 lbs from 2 semi dwarf trees. So we boiled the apple peels for apple peel tea (we had to do this quite a bit… seems we like our “tea” strong) and are smelling apple crisp and cake. I think we will head to the park and eat pizza. 80 lbs of apples are either in the fridge (most) or in a crisp or cake. 100 lbs to go. I think I’m gonna need more jars.

  6. Ashley says

    My breakfast/lunch was a huge Starbuck’s Salted Caramel Frap….and it was delicious. I got a thing in the mail for a free drink for my bday, otherwise I don’t typically go there.

  7. cptacek says

    I pulled the tomato plants today as well. Took all afternoon. They went through a freeze, so not all of them are good. :(

  8. says

    Coffee (breakfast), leftover Indian food from dinner out with a friend last night (lunch), leftover birthday dinner (Jamey’s)- a ham ball with pineapple sauce, broccoli/cauliflower casserole and carrot sticks with hummus (dinner). Now I’m craving something sweet, but I’ve got nothing! At least I didn’t have to cook today- whoohoo!:-)

    Jamey pulled our tomatoes a couple weeks ago and burned them on the spot because they done succumbed to the blight.

  9. Susan says

    I made Chocolate Chip Cookies today, too. Only ate 2 :)

    Had my usual 1/2 banana and oatmeal for breakfast. And 2 cups of coffeee.

    Lunch was an egg salad sandwich and Cheetos (LOVE my Cheetos!!)

    Put together a Lasagna for dinner with some of the sauce I made yesterday. Had garlic bread with it. And fresh pineapple. Picked up 2 for $1 each today. They are on sale at QFC.

  10. Elizabeth F says

    Well breakfast was a toasted sesame bagel with cherry jam and tea. I eat at work.

    Only work 1/2 day on Thursdays so stopped and bought gas and my daughter wanted me to bring her a treat so got 2 fresh made ( I waited for them) hot pretzels. We don’t like that cheese that comes with them, we dip them in mustard. We made hot chocolate to go with them, I added instant coffee to mine for mocha.

    The house was freezing so decided to bake. Made 2 loaves bread, a pan of monkey bread and a tray of breadsticks. Also mixed up piecrust, divided in pieces and put to chill in fridge. I have lots of apples to be made into pies. I make them in a stack of aluminum pie pans that I’ve saved and don’t bake them. Wrap them tight and freeze them for easy treats at later dates. House still cold so cooked up apples for apple sauce, and put kettle on to boil for pasta.

    Dinner was homemade spaghetti sauce with vegetarian meatballs , ww spaghetti, tossed salad and the breadsticks.

    I hear sounds out in the kitchen now. I do not think the monkey bread will make it over night until tomorrow’s breakfast.

    BTW we are supposed to be in the 20’s tonight.

  11. Kay says

    OK, first off, I blame everything on barometric pressure. I ate crap today too, so I guess there is a lot of that going around. Second, what are the “black” tomatoes in your pic? Are you happy with them? I planted chocolate cherry tomatoes this year and love them but your black ones look like they might be fun too.

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