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As I was planning my garden space for this year I wanted to make better use of our 16 raised garden beds. The beds receive the most sunlight out of any other spot in our wooded backyard.

backyard chickens

When I planted my herb garden back in 2009, I filled it with everything I liked; oregano, chives, sage, basil, rosemary and a few others. But what I didn’t realize at the time was that mint {and oregano} spread like crazy. The mint especially.

mint roots

Before I knew it I was pulling up mini mint roots every time I walked down the garden path. So over the last few days I’ve been busy not only pulling up all the mint and oregano roots, but also moving the last 2 garden boxes as well.

australorp chicken

Black Fatty and Squeakers looking for worms.

mavis one hundred dollars a month

I’m not sure why we placed the last 2 garden boxes in the opposite direction, but I’m guessing it had something to do with the ugly green propane tank topper that sits smack dab in the center of the row of garden boxes.

building raised garden beds

So after removing {most} all of the roots and soil, I took the garden boxes apart, moved them, and put them back together again.

raised garden beds

Isn’t it beautiful how they are all lined up and going in the same direction?

Mini garden project rule! Next on the agenda is to line those 2 garden boxes with landscape fabric in hopes of preventing anymore mint popping up again. {I can dream can’t I}.


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  1. says

    How do you find the time for everything that you do? I would love to see a post about that! I think you should paint the propane cover to look like a very pretty mushroom or something.

  2. Emily R says

    If you plant the mint in a pot THEN plant the pot in the ground…it will keep the mint contained. It only spreads by roots, not by crawling on top of the ground. So plant it in a wide, shallow pot and let it go to town and you won’t have to dig those roots out all of the time.

  3. Jen says

    I had problems with mint spreading all over my garden a few years ago. I pulled all that I could, and tilled everything well. It hasn’t come back. And now I plant mint in my flower pots, so I don’t worry about it spreading again. My chives also go in pots to prevent spreading. They look great with my flowers.

  4. Sara says

    The mint…..Here is a Prayer….Lord please don’t let Mint grow in Mavis’s garden box please allow your wonderful herb to grow else where. Thank you Lord Amen. Well lets hope God helps with this one. He is the only one that can stop that crazy mint from growing.

  5. Mari says

    You say your garden is tree lined so why not plant the mint is a shady dampish area and just let it do its thing there. It is excellent for weed control in that respect. My garde mint and papperming rambled under the trees in my last garden. But here, I don’t have the room for that so I have planted all my herbs in plastic buckets without handles. (mints, comfrey, lemon balm etc) I drilled several small holes in the bottom and have dug them in the ground to about 3″ from the top and mulched between the buckets with hay to make them less obvious.

    Some mints DO spread from runners or stems that touch the ground so planting the buckets proud of the ground will prevent them doing that. Plus they are less likely to root in the straw until it is broken down.

    Other things u can plant them in are – get the bowl from an old clothes washer, cut a plastic drum or 5 gal water container and use that, An old kitchen sink, Laundry tub or bath are excellent too – check you reclamation yards for them. I have some licorice plants that grow rampantly and am going to plant them in a plastic drum cut in half lengthwise if I can’t get a small bath for them. Just remember what every u use, needs small drain holes.

  6. says

    I’m sure the mint will probably find a way…I have mine planted in Grow Boxes that I inherited from someone. So I manage to keep each variety separate that way. However, once it gets really hot here in TX, good-bye mint. I have to replant every year!

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  7. DEANA says

    I need to start all over with my mint plants. We ended up moving over the christmas holiday and my mint got left behind. Be glad to take some off your hands lol.

    I am going to look for lemon mint, spearmint, chocomint, and I think I saw a new to me mint in one of the seed catalogs I got in the mail Thanks to your list of seeds catalogs Mavis. I ordered them as well. I am in a new zone now with Sandy Loam soil and planting in that will be new to me. But hear I can grow just about anything in it. I am hoping to get my Loofa Seeds this year to be able to grow some and used them for christmas this year in gift baskets.

    deana in Texas
    zone 7a

  8. Tanya Esparza says

    Hi, what size are the boards you use for your garden beds? Do you line them with hardware fabric and/or weed blocker? Curious to know if you have problems with rabbits, moles, etc….and how you control them? LOVE your site, so fun to read!!!!

    • Mavis says

      The garden beds are 4×8, I line them with landscape fabric and I don’t really have a problem with rabbits or moles. Sometimes squirrels. :)

  9. Justina says

    Hey Mavis,
    Super website, lovely reading about all your adventures!
    I read that you can put newspaper on the bottom of the raised beds, it will destroy all the seeds in the ground beneath the bed and will decompose in about 18 months.. its cheaper than landscape fabric.
    Good luck!

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