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Hey, Mavis!

This year we got an awesome 1,000 gallon water tank to use for our rainwater collection system that feeds off the carport. It has made all the difference in the world. We live NE of Dallas, TX (appx. 25 miles SW of Paris). Most everyone else around here has given up and plowed over their gardens by now.

We are still harvesting purple hull peas, yellow squash, green zucchini, gold zucchini and have canteloupes on the vine as well as green tomatoes. I almost forgot, OKRA every dang day! We have battered fried okra every other day and I have been putting it in the freezer. It also makes great gumbo, along with shrimp and venison smoked sausage. I took the attached pictures a couple of days ago.

Nancy, From Texas

When Larry isn’t running triathlons, he is growing squash in Idaho.  Larry’s wife recently went out of town for business and he fed his kids a diet of zucchini bread for 3 days using the zucchinis from his garden.

Not only is Larry growing boatloads of zucchini this year, he is also growing  butternut squash, watermelons, and pumpkins.  Let’s hope Larry finds a cookbook soon otherwise his kids will be eating pumpkin bread, butternut squash bread and watermelon bread the next time his wife has to go out of town on business.

And lastly, Christianne from facebook sent this in…

I stopped by a big box store the other day to pick up a few items and like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was a cart and produce man headed for the dumpster. So I thought I’d give the story and see what I could secure for my rabbit.

Long story short……….they gave me the okay to take what I wanted and be on my way. I could only take three boxes containing over one hundred zucchini, three bags of veggie stir fry and a bag of peppers that the bottom of the bag had ripped making them un sellable. I would have needed a small U-Haul to get the rest.

They weren’t open to “agreeing”  on a weekly pick up, but were open to me picking up any time I was in the area. So I have attached a picture of the loot.

Way to go Christianne!

*If you have a garden, a chicken coop or anything else super exciting and would like to be featured here on, then send in your photos to onehundreddollarsamonth {at}, along with a brief description of your pictures and I will try and get them posted.

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