Mavis Garden Blog – Pumpkin Patch Update

This morning I headed out to the pumpkin patch and pulled all the remaining pumpkins.  We’ve had so much rain up here in the Seattle/Tacoma area lately, I was worried the pumpkins would start to rot before the kids could harvest them this weekend with their friends.

A little later today I’ll have Monkey Boy and The Girl bring them around to the front porch and weigh them.

I’m hoping for around 150 pounds.  There would have been more larger pumpkins to show you, but Girly Girl’s kids came over to last night and picked the giant ones {and YES, there is a story coming about that}.

So what do you think?

If you had to guess, how many pounds of pumpkins do I have in the top photo?


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  1. crlzmmr says

    Did none of your Musquee de Provence pumpkins produce?
    (I don’t see any in the pictures.)
    I was hoping to grow some next year myself,
    but if none of yours made it,
    it makes me discouraged about my chances next year.

  2. subienkow says

    Twice as much as half!

    It’s accurate down to the decimal. : )

    I have no idea, but it’s all weight for the scale.

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