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garden rocks

Well, it’s another rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest. But when you are on a mission to grow 4,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables in your backyard, there is no time for slacking off. So today, I worked on a mini project I’ve been meaning to get to for some time now. Installing a rock border.

landscape fabric

If you don’t know already, I am a HUGE fan of landscape fabric. HUGE. Every spring and fall Costco sells it for around $35 a roll, and let me tell you Bob, as soon as I know they have it in stock, I run down and swoop up a few rolls.

rock border

Last year I used some old fence boards to contain the mini vegetable garden that grows just behind our front fence. I grew peas in the spring, and tomatoes and beans in the summer months.

But this year, I’m planting something different.

garden fence

Tall sunflowers and bush zucchini plants. I’m hoping the sunflowers will grow tall enough to peek over the top of the fence so people will be able to see them from the road. And the zucchini, well, we all know that stuff can pretty much grow anywhere. I’m going to try a bush variety this year, and I’m excited.

What do you think? Do you think the fence will make a nice backdrop for the sunflowers?


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  1. suzanne says

    That is a great Idea! Just remember when the sunlowers are mature they may not point in the direction you want them to which is generally East in my garden. The heads don’t truly follow the sun. Not that matters still gonna look great. Where are the sun chokes going?

  2. Kj says

    Just an FYI I read on Pinterest that you can use newspaper to block weeds after about 18mths it composed down….:) it’s a tad cheaper to use it:)

  3. deana says

    I think the sunflowers would look good against your fence.
    And maybe some other tall flowers in front of it maybe Foxglove.
    I have used news papers in my garden area to compost the weeds away. If you live in an area where you have fallen leaves I have read in other posts where they leave the leaves where they are. It will compost your dirt for the summer garden. I found me a place where I can get all the free leaves so I have been bringing some home to put in my chicken coops as well as my future garden area.

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