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mavis butterfield

Today I hauled rocks, rocks, and more rocks. And I’m still not done.

rock border

Moving rocks from one side of the yard to the other isn’t exactly fun, but at least I’m getting my exercise in. Which is probably a good thing because the Tacoma City Marathon I signed up for is in exactly 90 days.

Do you think gardening counts as cross training? I think it should. Especially since I have been seriously slacking off in the “walk/jog/run” part of my training program. If I at least have the cross training {gardening} part covered, I should be fine. Right?

mavis butterfield

Oh well.  I’ll still have another 75 feet of cross training shoveling dirt and moving rocks to go. And then I’ll be done. Yep, then I’ll have time to get some exercise in. Unless of course I find something else to do in the backyard.

rock border mavis

What did you do today?Exercise? Shovel snow? Watch the game? Party like a rock star? Do tell, because I bet it was more exciting than moving rocks.


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  1. Karen Rochette says

    Finished planning this years garden and picked out all the new seeds I will be ordering from Botanical Interests. Too bad in New England we’re still 3 months away before the garden see’s much action.

  2. says

    I spent today a world away – Literally! I’m planning my trip from one side of Australia (NE Victoria) to the other (NE Western Australia) where I will be starting a new job next week. I’ve got 4000 km to smash out in three and a half days!

    I love your blog and I’m sure it will be even more ‘out of my world’ when i am living in Outback Australia.. Isn’t the internet an Awesome thing!

  3. Monique S says

    cooked for the whole week! We dedicate one day in the weekend to preparing for the week–all chores, laundry etc as well as premaking dinners for the work week. My SO works 7am-3pm but is NOT very into cooking…and I work split shifts 7am-7pm, so by precooking, when I get home, dinner is fully ready to just be reheated!

  4. Lynne says

    Mavis, is that landscape fabric we see peeking out from under the rocks? I’ve never used it, but would appreciate learning more about how to use it. You give such clear (and illustrated) instructions about so many things in the garden and kitchen – could you provide a tutorial about how and when to best use landscape fabric? Can it be used as a weed barrier in a garden? What sort of mulch or other covering must go over it? Thanks – I really love the daily peeks into your world!

  5. Angie Smith says

    We had an “anti-superbowl party” with friends. Turkey dinner, garden tour (it’s all covered in snow, but some people wanted to see it & my son loves to show off our back yard), spur-of-the-moment talent show, puzzles, lots of laughs…I felt a little sorry for all the people who had nothing better to do than watch football. 😉

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