Mavis Garden Blog – Storing Onions in Mesh Bags and Pantyhose

God Bless the woman who googles “How to Store Onions in your Pantyhose,” because honey, you’re the only one who wants to know.

In fact if you landed on this story you were probably trying to google “How to Store Onions in your Pantry… not Pantyhose. Yeah, auto correct.  It awesome.  We’ve all been there.

A few weeks ago Mrs. Hillbilly let me know that Grandma Hillbilly used to store onions in her old pantyhose way back when, and it I sparked my interest.  Did I mention how boring it is here in suburbia sometimes?

I actually went to Target and purchased a pair of pantyhose because I don’t own a pair {in fact I don’t think I have ever owned a pair} and the thought of sending out a mass email to my neighbors asking if they had any old pantyhose I could have just seem really, really weird.

The directions for storing onions in your pantyhose are really simple.

  • Cut off the legs at the top of the hose
  • Push onion to the bottom of the hose {toe}
  • Tie a knot
  • Add another onion
  • Tie a knot {continue until you have a about 6 inches of stocking left, tie one last knot, and then hang the onions in your pantry.

Apparently when onions are stored properly {40 – 45 degrees} , then can last up to 6- 8 month in the pantyhose.

Who knew?

How do you get the onions out?  Just cut below the lowest knot and you will get one onion off the string.

*Thanks Chrissy.

Oh and hey, if you are thinking about storing your onions in a little more traditional way…

After you have harvested your onions, move your them to a warm, ventilated area {out of the sun} for a few weeks so they can cure.

You’ll know the onions are done drying when they look like the regular onions you see in the grocery store.  The outer skins will be paper like and brittle, the roots will be dry, and the tops will be completely dried out.

Then all you need to do is store the in some mesh {ventilated} bags and store them in a cool dark place.


P.S.  What do YOU store your onions in?

Learn how to braid onions HERE.


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  1. cptacek says

    I’ve stored them in pantyhose before. It works well, but it takes a LOT of pantyhose to hold them all!

    For those asking “how do you get them out”, well, cut just below the lowest knot and you will get one onion off the string…

  2. says

    What temperature should you store them at? Our house is usually around 72 degrees upstairs. We have a basement too, but that is only about 10 degrees cooler and more humid.

  3. Sarah b says

    For those of us in suburbia….with no basement, and a garage that is fine in the winter, but summer and now, not so much, what do you suggest for cold storage?

  4. jody says

    Mavis! You have never owned a pair of pantyhose! I don’t believe it… Mom’s in the 1980’s relished making us wear pantyhose at every opportunity! If you wanted to wear a skirt there would be a slip and pantyhose waiting for you! Love the onion idea, will try it this week.

  5. Heidi says

    I chop my onions and store them in zip loc bags in the freezer. Super easy to grab a handful and throw them into a pan & cook them up.

    • says

      That is a really good idea. I’m totally having a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment. I am always sticking half an onion in a baggie and forgetting it in the fridge. Thanks for the tip!

  6. BaileyP says

    We actually store our in pantyhose just like this hanging in our garage. Last year our onions lasted in hose in our garage until March, when we ran out. To get them out I just use my fingers to rip a hole on the section I want. I found the cheapest hose are found at Wallgreens/Bartells/Riteaid, and sometimes I even find coupons for them. I always feel strange buying 6 packages of pantyhose…

  7. subienkow says

    I love stuff like this. I put it in the category of “red-neck tech”. Some people call it “re-purposing” or some other politically correct thing.

    I use 3 liter soda bottles for crawfish traps, old blue 55 gallon drums at the base of the rain gutters for water collection, and invert old fish tanks (free from craigslist) to be used as mini-green houses – just place a board at either end to elevate the tanks and let air come & go.

  8. Liberal Prepper says

    On sale in local stores for $1 each are net bath scrubbers. Remove the string that holds them together and each one is the length of at least the legs of a pair of pantyhouse at half the cost.

    Instead of knots, use twistems between the onions. Twistems are reusable, and you just slip out the bottom onion without cutting and have reusable nets.

  9. Mtnviews says

    We’ve stored onions this way for years, works great! Don’t be shy about asking family and friends for old pantyhose, just tell them why you want them and they won’t think your weird. We have stored them in closets by just tying the tail end right onto the bar. So far, we haven’t had any problems with odors, as they are already dried on the outside. I always give all of the ‘ropes’ a glance over when I’m getting some out, just to be safe tho.

  10. Sophia says

    This is BRILLIANT!! Thanks for the tip…I have pantyhose…but avoid wearing them like the plague! We don’t have a pantry…so I’m going to give the “closet hanging” idea from Mtnview! Thanks!

  11. Nancy says

    I have been doing this for years. 20 at least. I don’t cut the legs off, then where the legs meet, I just hang it over a nail in our “fruit room.” The fruit room is an uninsulated room in our basement. We store potatoes, garlic and onions in there.

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