Mavis Garden Blog – Will You Please Pull Over So I Can Take A Freakin’ Picture…

Yesterday was a bit of a blur.  The HH worked for a few hours in the morning, I ran errands, The Girl had practice, and Monkey Boy did what all normal teenage boys do on a Saturday morning, slept in.

And then as soon as we were all back in the house together, we had about 10 minutes before we had to jet off to head to an appointment an hour away.

I sent my mother a text the night before letting her know we would be in the area, and had asked her if she and my dad wanted to meet up.

She said yes, and then asked me to bring up some garden fresh veggies if I had any.

So in my 10 minutes of leisure time, I grabbed a basket and went out to the garden to pull a few vegetables.

Well apparently I was taking too long…

Because before I knew it, the HH had the car running and had whipped around the corner.

“{Naughty word, Naughty Word} We have to go!  C’mon!”

I gave him a glare, grabbed the soaking wet vegetables and jumped in the car.

I’m not sure if he thought I was just taking my time, fluttering about the garden, picking and washing my vegetables to annoy the heck out of him or what, but you could tell he was not amused one bit.

He gave me a kind of like  “C’mon… are you kidding me?  You’re choosing NOW to pick vegetables…what’s wrong with you?” look.

So today, instead of writing a lovely story about taking the time to pick a bountiful basket of vegetables for my parents, I have to write this stupid story.

Oh, and here are two crappy photos as well.

Photo #1 – I had to hop in the car with a basket full of dripping wet vegetables so I could arrange them before we arrived at my parents house.  Because God forbid, they just be thrown in a sack.

{I have OCD okay… and I don’t take meds… so that’s my excuse!}

Photo #2 – Again, it’s not the photo I would have like to have taken.  After arranging said vegetables I yelled asked the HH to pull over so I could put them in the trunk so my pants would have a chance to dry before we arrived at our appointment.

The basket is sitting on asphalt, there is a shadow, and some creepy man {out of view} smoking a cigarette was staring at me while I hurried to take the photo before shoving my LOVINGLY GROWN vegetables in the trunk to sit along side stinky running shoes, newspapers and paint cans.

So there you have it.

How I spent my Saturday.

~ Mavis

P.S.  How was YOUR Saturday?


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  1. Mary Ann says

    How lucky your parents are to receive such a beautiful bounty! :)

    I harvested a couple tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes, a couple bell peppers, cucumbers, and lots of green beans. I’m watching my VERY late planted zucchini plant begin to flower.

    Did some coupon shopping at Vons, Rite Aid, and CVS today, too.

    • Mavis says

      I’ve been eye balling my peppers… Shouldn’t be too much longer. :) I’m jealous you have cucumbers already.

  2. Patti says

    Ah, honesty in marriage and life in general!! Love that in you Mavis.

    The veggies look awesome even though you don’t think so. And your parents will love them.

    We just got back from vacay and oldest daughter was “taking care of yard & garden”. I was a little anxious to take a peek yesterday when we got home, but everything looked very good! Everything shot up about a foot while we were gone except for one pepper plant. Couldn’t quite figure that out, but found out today that dd had accidentally broken it when pulling weeds (bless her heart). She said she panicked when it broke, ran into the house and got on the internet to see if there was anything she could do for it. HA!! This is my first garden of any size and she knew I was kind of OCD about it. Love that girl!

  3. Robin Welch says

    Love the photos. We might be married to the same man or maybe they are related?Patience is a virtue mine doesn’t have. Spent the am in the garden, mostly trying to control the aphid population which has taken off this year. PM ran some errands then grilled chicken and veggies for dinner. A rare Saturday not filled with specific plans was kind of nice for a change.

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