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chicken run pictures

The area around the chicken run has finally all been cleared, and yesterday I started on a new project. I’m thinking it should take me a few afternoons to complete.

If you read my garden posts this past summer you probably noticed there were not a whole lot of weeds in the mulched areas of my backyard.  Want to know my secret?

landscape fabric

Landscape fabric. I’m totally addicted to the stuff.  Each spring Costco gets it in stock and I typically buy a few rolls whether I need them at the time or not. Home Depot sells it year round, but when Costco has it in stock, they tend to have a better price so I buy it and save it for various projects throughout the year.

wooden pallets

Once I laid the landscape fabric down, I began to dismantle the backyard fire pit. I think we only used it once last year, and it’s sitting smack dab in center of where I want to build a new garden.

mavis butterfield

So I simply moved the rocks from the fire pit, and created a fat rock boarder about 2 feet from the back of the fence.

flowers that grow well in shade

Okay, now I need YOUR help.  I would like to plant some TALL flowers against the fence, and some shorter ones towards the front of the rocks.  The space is very shaded and is about 3 feet deep and 15 feet wide.

Do you have any ideas?



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  1. Domq says

    In a purple-pinky arrangement, from tallest to short:

    Echiums (Choose purple spiked varieties)
    Peonies (Pink types)
    Angelica gigas (Pinky-purple flowers)
    Anenome hupensis (ssp. Splendens is one of my faves- pinky flowers)
    A few Pink and purple roses
    Sea Pinks

  2. Dena says

    Just saw at Port Orchard Fred Meyer that their Ed Hume & Lilly Miller seeds are 40% off. Thought that they might be fore 2012, but all their seeds are for 2013. I get selective heirlooms from Grow Organic, Territorial Seed, Baker Creek & a few others, but I go to Fred Meyer for basics, when they’re 40% off. Never seen them at this price this early in the year.

  3. Annabel Lee says

    Hostas…giant at the back and smaller to the front. They all bloom, and not all at the same time. they love shade, some have white flowers, some purple, and they is such a variation in leaf color and pattern also.

  4. Tracy says

    Hydrangea’s in back. They come in bunch of colors and sizes. The big blooms change and dry in the fall but don’t look ugly until a hard frreze most of the time. You can change the ph of the soil to change their color as well. Low maint and beautiful!

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