Mavis Goes to The Goodwill and Finds 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours

Yesterday Monkey Boy and I went to drop off our Angel Tree gifts at Bartell’s Drug Store.  The thrift store is right across the street so we walked over and take a quick peek.

I found a pair of red vintage LL Bean garden boots {$6.99}, a linen skirt $4.99 {I can wear a black shirt with it} and the most hilarious book ever 50, Boyfriends Worse Than Yours.  Let’s just say this, if you know someone is is dating… THEY NEED THIS BOOK.  It’s awesome!

The books gives you the low down on 50 different types of boyfriends.  Listing things such as their favorite ring tones, pros and cons of dating each one of them, what their home looks like, their favorite quote… and so on.

Here are a few favorite boyfriends… Hopefully worse than yours!

The Stalker –

Profile – You don’t ever have to worry about the guy not returning your phone calls or standing you up. He always remembers to call.  Like every 10 minutes. From the payphone across from your apartment. Where he can see you.

His Place – Freshly wallpapered with a mural-sized photo of you, covering up 5×7’s of last years lucky girl.

The Tortured Artist –

His Place – His studio/home/storage facility is cluttered with manequins, dolls, paint, love letters, mason jars filled with his own tears and unpaid bills.

Drawback – Gifts consist of Popsicle sticks glued together.

Mr. OCD –

Profile – He’s gentle, clean and attentive. He never leaves the toilet seat up. But will lift it and close it 10 times as part of his ritual.

Favorite Quote – Uh-Oh. Our spoons are facing different directions.

So what do you think? Are any of these guys worse than boyfriends you’ve had? Anyone want to share a “My boyfriend was/is worse than your boyfriend” story?


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  1. Katelyn says

    I’m married now and so have to be much more choosy about my boyfriends, but back when I was dating, I went out a few times with a guy who looked just like the Tortured Artist in this book. The whole time I kept thinking, “if you spent as much time on your “art” as you spent trimming your beard, maybe you’d get somewhere.”

  2. LaToya says

    Pretty sure I had 2 of the 50 boyfriends worse than yours, I’ll just tell you about one of them: he stole my mom’s car. LOL!
    It wasn’t funny then though :/

  3. Huey says

    This is in reference to your chex mix recipe…I have a friend who makes THE BEST chex mix. Her recipe is pretty much the same as yours, but she adds a couple dashes of Liquid Smoke (usually found near Worchester sauce) & some celery salt. I don’t know what those two items do, but it really adds to the flavor.

  4. Patti says

    If you add a little vanilla and a tiny bit of sugar the kids will like the powdered milk better.
    kinda like vanilla soy milk. Also if it is really cold it taste better.
    Good Luck,

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