Mavis Hits the Jackpot – Spring Bulbs 75% off at Lowe’s

Guess who hit the freakin’ jackpot today?  Ummm, that would be ME!

Normally I’m a Home Depot shopper, but last week I picked up $150 in Lowe’s Gift cards so I could score some free groceries.   So today while I was running errands, I popped into Lowe’s to see what their spring bulbs were priced at {Home Depots are currently 50% off}.

So I walked out to the garden department and spotted their dwindling bulb display.  50% off.  Hmm. So I grabbed a sack of daffodils, and a new snow shovel and headed to the register.

But then, all of the sudden the cashier yelled out “WOW, that’s a great deal, 50 daffodils for only $4.25!” “What?  I thought they were only 50% off, you mean they are 75% off?  HOLY CRAP. Can you cancel this transaction please, because I’m going to stock up.”

The cashier cancelled the transaction, then walked over and snagged a few packages of orange bulbs and stashed them beside the register for herself to buy on her break. And I loaded up.

Holy Crackers Batman $90.50 + tax for all of this!

  • 500 Daffodil Bulbs
  • 344 Tulip Bulbs
  • 151 Iris Bulbs
  • 128 Grape Hyacinth

WAHOOOOOOO!  I love a good deal!  Now I just have to plant them all.


P.S. I totally forget the snow shovel in all the excitement.

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  1. Tanya says

    On the daffodils the best bet is to dig either trenches or scoop off all the dirt down to the right level, place your bulbs and then cover them back over with the dirt you removed. Saves digging 500 holes!

  2. Debby says

    2 days ago, I planted just 80 daffodils and 58 tulips. I was about to put them in the freezer to winter, then plant them in the spring, but I discovered under the 2″ of snow, the ground had yet to freeze. So after adding some snow covered compost and mixing, they went in, in front of my new greenhouse (northern Mich). You have a big job ahead, planting 1123 bulbs. Which region do you live in?

  3. Heidi says

    You are always a great source of inspiration and giggles!
    I planted 200+ bulbs yesterday “trench” style. If I didn’t have a dumpster showing up tomorrow morning that I need to fill I’d be jumping on 75% off bulbs.

  4. Nat says

    I am pretty jealous…

    When I plant bulbs, I use a cordless drill and a spade bit (the flat drill bit) that is just larger than the largest bulbs. I just zip lots of little holes in the ground, fill them with bulbs and cover with the loose dirt sitting by the holes. Its fast and easy. And the kids usually like to help.

  5. Ann T. says

    Man Oh Man, do you have your work cut out for you or what! Been there and done that, but never that many at one time. Pray you get it all done before it rains cats and dogs on you–no fun doing it in the rain, but that is how we sometimes have to do things in the NW. But in the end it will look very LOVELY!!
    Have fun, I’m happy for you! :-)

    • suzanne says

      Ah Mavis, You are an insperation but seriously, What the ???????

      Don’t mind me. I started working professionally (gardening) 7 years ago and the thrill is gone. Have fun! It will be beautiful until the bulbs die and your OCD self must clean up before the bulbs are ready. Did I mention I”m so over it! Sorry just venting.

  6. Susan says

    Thanks, Mavis! I SCORED! I only bought 1 bag of Daffodils and 1 bag of Tulips…but the 192nd Ave/Mill Plain store (Vancouver) has quite a lot left! Half the bin.

  7. Kathy Gervasio says

    Despite the 3000 miles between us I ventured to our Lowe’s in Northern NJ and also hit the 75%off jackpot. I stocked up on the more unusual bulbs, double ruffle and parrot tulips and a large variety of alliums. Although we have 5 inches of snow right now, the weekend and early next week is supposed to be in the upper 50’s. My husband uses a heavy metal pole and jams it into the soil making the holes and I plant them. We add the compost then together cover the bulbs. Can’t wait to see our bounty bloom!

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