Mavis’ Square Foot Gardening Update

square foot gardening

After I watered the square foot garden this morning I snapped a few pictures so I could share them with you. The good news is, all but 2 squares have something growing in them. The bad news? The zucchini seeds I planted were eaten by slugs. Boo! Since it’s too late in the season to plant new ones, I think I’ll just wait a few more weeks and plant some lettuce seeds instead.


I’ve pretty much decided that kale is the Energizer Bunny of all seeds. Yep. Not only will it grow well anywhere, it keeps growing, and growing, and growing. It’s magical and weird all at the same time.

square foot garden celery

Celery. It’s thriving in the square foot garden. I wish I would have planted more.

roma beans

Roma Beans. Aren’t they nice and fat? These are by far my favorite green beans to grow. Pole beans are fun to grow up tepees, but I think you get a little more bang for your buck with bush beans. What do you think?

red oak leaf lettuce

Oak Leaf Lettuce is amazing. If you’ve never tried it before, put it on your list for next year. I add a wee bit of olive oil and vinegar to mine for a quick lunch salad. cucumber plant

Cucumber plants. I think {?}
green tomato

And last but not least, the Japanese Black Trifle tomatoes are getting big! Maybe they’ll be ready in another week or two. We’ll see.

Overall, I really like how everything is growing in the square foot garden. Before I started it this year, I really had no idea you could pack so many plants in to such a small area.

Pretty stinkin’ cool if you ask me.


Read more about my adventures in Square Foot Gardening. Are you thinking about putting together a Square foot garden? See the how I built a square foot garden grid HERE. All New Square Foot Gardening

For more information, check out All New Square Foot Gardening.  It is an amazon bestseller and the author, Mel Bartholomew is basically the king of square foot gardening.

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  1. Missy says

    Hi Mavis, those definitely are not cucumber plants. They are some sort of squash (zucchini? Yellow crookneck? pumpkin family?) Cucumbers are compact and run. The ones you have are bunching up.

  2. Betty AD says

    Hi Mavis ……dearly love getting your blog each day and learning new tips now and then. Watch your video of Bartering and you seem like such a fun person to be around. I see you mention those slugs a lot….maybe you want to givc this a try….as I read it somewhere…..who knows could have been from some of your information you give out…..but maybe you can try in one or two of those square foots…garden plot…..but seems slugs dont like sharp things and they say crunch up some egg shells….(wonder where you can get some….grin….)….and put around the top of the soil/etc…. . lets up know if you try if it works…..the eggs shells also help in the soil………

  3. says

    I seem to be boring when it comes to green beans but I always plant Blue Lake bush beans. They have always done so well for us and have been great ones to can. I need to venture out a little next year…

  4. Paula says

    I’ve been refining the square foot method for use in western Washington for about 10 years. I find that the recommended spacing for all the leaf crops is too tight to be able to control slugs effectively.

  5. MaryLena says

    I tried an idea for making planting easier and I love it. It involved using a paper napkin to make a “planting seed” pattern. I added one thing to it. I marked off the paradigm for lettuce and one for radishes and glued the seed to the napkin in its proper place. Then, before laying the napkin into the square, I sprinkled the square lightly. When I then sprinkled soil over the top, the napkin wasn’t moved a all. I so appreciate your reader’s idea.
    BTW, to prevent your slug problem, I suggest you put bottle caps of beer around the zuch planting. The slugs drink it and die.

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