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Last night we arrived home from our whirlwind 7 day journey in Europe to find a clean house, {miracles do happen} an overgrown garden, and some horrible, horrible news about a few of our chickens.  But before I dive into those stories, I wanted to show you just a few more pictures from our trip.

The Girl Who Thinks She’s a Bird had been going through running withdrawals while we were gone, and although she did head to the hotel gym a time or two, all she really wanted to do was to get outside and run.  So yesterday morning, we headed over to Hyde Park {the best park in the world}.

While she ran, I rented a bike and tooled around the park and Kensington Gardens and snapped a few photos.

In a nutshell, I want to live here.  The flowers and landscaping are amazingly beautiful.

At some point, I made my way to the center of the park and started to notice all sorts of Olympic signs and barricades everywhere.  People were lining up, cameras in hand and waiting for something to start.

Holy cats!  I had stumbled upon the Men’s Olympic Triathlon.  Talk about total awesomeness!

Unfortunately we were not able to stay and watch because we had made other plans for the morning, but still, how cool was that?  On our way to the airport found out that Great Britain had won both the gold and bronze medals for the Men’s Triathlon.  I can only imagine how exciting it must have been for all the locals who came out to watch.  Talk about a once in a lifetime experience.

Thank you London, we had a blast…

But ahhh, it’s good to be home.


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  1. Sarah says

    I am worried about your chickens. After yesterday’s photos I have been researching the Eglu like mad, and begging hubby for the cube. But I know the devistation raccoons and canines can cause…so what happened?
    Thanks for sharing the trip – where’s the car?!? 😉

    • Mavis says

      The car is somewhere on a cargo ship. LOL. I guess we’ll get it when it gets here. 6 – 8 weeks maybe. :)

  2. Shermika says

    Hi Mavis! I follow your blog and I live in Texas. You are awesome and rock! I have been so inspired to plant pallet gardens in the fall. I would like to get as much info from you as possible on planning a trip to Europe. My husband and I are planning to take our 3 girls next summer. Could you please share how you went about planning a frugal, yet memorable vacation. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

      • Gosia says

        Please send us an update on your trip to Sweden and your new car. Did you get it yet? Assuming you traded the old one in, how do you manage on one vehicle since July? My hubby and I are looking into following your footsteps and traveling to Volvo factory next July but this little issue has us stumped – we need to figure out how to live on one vehicle for 2-3 months.
        Please post an update on your trip and let us know the ending.

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