Merry Christmas Francisco

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You remember my neighbor Francisco right? He is SUCH A HOOT. Well last night Francisco sent me a text:

Francisco: I left you some Christmas Cheer on your porch.

Mavis: I have a present for you too. It doesn’t have a face. {Francisco is a Vegan}

Francisco: Awww You’re the best!

Mavis: You are hilarious! I had to put the basket in the refrigerator with a dishy owl over it so Monkey Boy would not see it. You are awesome. Thanks.

Francisco: Yay! The Doritos were a special touch for him! Have  a great night.

Mavis: :)

gift basket ideas

*There were actually 2 bags of Doritos in the basket but the HH stole one before I could get a picture. Also, in case you are wondering what my husband said about this gift basket and the milk from Mrs. Hillbilly, he has said nothing. But if the look on his face is any indicator of what’s going on in that mind of his… Well, let’s just say this.  If you don’t hear back from me after the holidays, it’s because he has had me committed.

Holy Crap. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard just thinking about what that poor man puts up with.

Peace Out Girl Scouts, have a great Friday.


mavis butterfield

P.S. For those of you who were wondering what I gave Francisco, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so I waited to show the picture until I actually gave him his gift.

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  1. Sam Miller, momma extraordinaire says:

    Mavis, I am laughing , too.. what a great basket! I got a gift card for a local 1/2 gallon of milk this week ….I think it’s GREAT! I see coupons all the time for this brand cheese/butter, but they don’t sell on the east coast. I hear it’s yummm. No disrespect to Cabot, which is located nearby!
    Merry Christmas, Mavis, and thank you for all you do!

  2. Milk, butter, cheese AND Doritos?! Score!!! Francisco is such a sweetheart. I wish I had a neighbor like him!

    Merry Christmas, Francisco! (and Mavis, of course!)

  3. I like his way of thinking! Awesome gifts!

  4. Yeah…. it’s amusing to us, but I can tell you my husband would not be amused! I can just hear him, “I don’t care about some goal you set on your blog for you imaginary friends! We can afford milk.” Your HH is very tolerant. Of course, he also knows that it’s almost next year. :)

    I’m really curious to see how you tweak all this when it’s over. I know one year of 100/month has probably been enough for everyone involved! Oh, but the things you’ve learned & shared! I only wish I’d found you blog sooner. :)

    Does it feel weird that your neighbors read your blog? LOL. You must feel like you live in a fishbowl sometimes with everyone looking in.

    Have a fantastic Friday! :)

    • Oh… and lol @ “dishy owl”. ;)

    • Annabel Lee says:

      I do foodstuffs in my grown children’s Easter baskets and their stockings. Things like pistachios, bags of banana chips and dried fruit, ethnic foods like mole sauce and grape leaves. They all like to cook. My husband traditionally gets food gifts from the children …that started when they were small and has just continued. Things like cheeses, a case of Snapple, those 3 pack of peanuts they always sell at the holidays. Now that they are old enough they give him wine or a 6 pack of a specialty beer.

  5. Francisco is the best!

  6. I think it is so cool that your vegan friend loves you enough to give you milk and good cheese! That is so sweet.

  7. You can tell your DH to get a grip.

    My family decided a very long time ago that we did not need anymore sweaters that didn’t fit, dollar store tschotkes, screwdriver sets, socks, tea towel sets, etc. So we exchange food. Usually ethnic or some moderately expensive jar of jelly, sometimes homemade. There used to be a factory in Chicago that would open up its warehouse to the public in November. It made all of those gift sets that you buy at Target, Kmart, Kohls, etc. They would sell what ever odd lots were left over so you could mix and match your own little cheese packets with other small packets of foods, cocoa mix, oddball ceramics, etc. My DH had a very confused look on his face the first Christmas with my family. He kept opening up presents that were bags of different pasta shapes. Now he thinks it’s the coolest thing and will ask me “Do you think it is cold enough this year for them to send us some gourmet cheese?

  8. Annabel Lee says:

    So what was your gift to Francisco?

  9. I wish I could convince people that I really do want groceries for gifts!! You’re a lucky lady, Mavis.

    And I can’t help but giggle when you mention what your husband must be thinking…

  10. Stocking for adults are now full of toiletries… toothpaste, new toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream… fun soaps… ALl usually purchased at super great deals if not free with couponing!

  11. it is at least your second year of $100/month, right?!

  12. Love the soda bottles, is that your face gracing the side of said bottle? Love that if it is. Merry Christmas!

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