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So, I bet you want to hear about what happened with Pablo. Well, yesterday morning after Pablo started crowing, I immediately called Chino the Handyman.

Mavis: Chino, I need to find a good home for Pablo the Rooster. He started crowing this morning and so we can’t keep him. The Handsome Husband is freaking out!!!

Chino: Hey Honey, {yelling to Girly Girl} Do you think Susan want’s a rooster? Doesn’t she have a bunch of chickens? Can you text her real quick?

I’ll call you back. “

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Chino didn’t call back. So then I asked a few friends of facebook if they were interested but sadly no one wanted a rooster. As I was starting to get discouraged, I received an email from One Hundred Dollars a Month reader Holly,she offered to take Pablo home with her on Monday the 28th on her way back home to Oregon {she was going to be in town for a conference}. So at that point I knew Pablo would have a home somewhere, but Ideally I needed to find a place for him as soon as possible so I didn’t get a call from one of the neighbors.

Anywho, to make  along story short, Chino and Susan’s husband showed up just after dark last night and placed Pablo in a crate. Pablo went to a good home where he will be with lot’s of ladies, and I’m sure he will fit right in, seeing how he is so sweet and lovable. Yay for happy endings!

Now that the Pablo drama is over, here is what I bought at the grocery store this past week:
tillamook cheese

Fred Meyer $10.82

Tillamook cheese was on sale last week, and for only $4.99 for a 2 pound loaf I stocked up on Cheddar and Colby Jack. I also picked up some Kalamatta Olives for the Lentil Salad with Olives and Feta I made earlier in the week as well.


Albertsons $0.23

Thanks to One Hundred Dollars a Month Reader Dianna who sent me a $20 Ablertsons Gift card as a thank you gift, I was able to pick up 5 pound of bacon, and a few other ingredients for some upcoming recipes. Thanks Dianna!

free produce

Mr. Produce Guy $ FREE

Mushrooms for omelets and some fresh fruit for snacking were all free thanks to Mr. Produce Guy. Each week is a little different, and it’s fun to see what’s in those reclaimed produce boxes each week.

twin brook creamery

QFC $6.58

Although I have not seen Monkey Boy drink a glass of milk yet, I did notice he had some in his cereal the other day, and I didn’t say a word. The Girl and I think the whole thing is hilarious, and I bet before too long he will be back to drinking milk again.

All in all not a bad week. I came in under budget and that’s the most important thing. I did print the $10 of $50 Winco coupon{no longer available} and today is the last day to use it, so I might head on over there to see what I can find. We’ll see.

How did YOU do this past week? Did YOU go to Winco? If so, what did you buy?


Total Spent This Week $17.63
Total Spent This Year $299.18
Total Spent This Year on Garden Seeds/Supplies $0

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  1. Kari says

    I went to winco yesterday, and stocked up on cheap prego, Lindsay olives, cheap precious string cheese, and some fruits, veges, and a few bulk foods.

  2. Randi says

    I think everyone in Snohomish county was at the Everett Winco on Saturday using their $10 off $50 coupon! So crowded. But the trip was a success. I filled my $50 quota with almonds, whole wheat flour, instant oats, yeast (made the oatmeal rolls-yum!) soy protien powder, as well as cabbage and a few mangos.

  3. Robin says

    So sorry Pablo turned out to be a He. Our questionably gendered Puffy actually started laying last week. Talk about a late bloomer. Have you considered growing ginger? I use quite a bit so was reading up on how to grow it. Why have to buy it if I can grow it like any other herb right? I stayed on budget last week by not shopping and all and cook from the pantry, garden and freezer . We will see what this week brings. Happy Monday.

    • Mavis says

      Do you think I can grow ginger up here? That would be awesome! I’ll have to find out. Glad to hear Puffy is a she! :)

  4. Cathy says

    Here are some of the deals I found at Winco over the weekend

    Shredded cheese, 2 lbs $5.98
    Peppers – red, orange & yellow $.48
    Flour, 50 lbs $14.00
    Flour Tortillas $.88

    I’ve also found great deals in the past on reg & quick oats, white rice & brown rice pasta in the bulk section.

  5. Kathy says

    Went to Giant Eagle for sirloin tip roast, which I don’t normally buy because it’s very expensive. But because of BOGO and 10% off each store brand item I was able to get 2 of the roasts and a few other items to carry us this week for $19.91. It amazed me that $26 of sirloin cost me half that. Plus the 10%, I managed to save almost $15.00 this week, plus getting fuel perks for gas.

  6. Becky says

    I don’t know if you have a Grocery Outlet nearby, but ours sells 1 lb. packages of ginger for $1.oo. If you store it in either a plastic bag, or a jar of vodka in the fridge, it will keep fresh for eight weeks.

  7. Ann T. says

    I printed up the coupon from their site and received one in the mail. So I went into Winco twice on Friday. My first trip in I picked higher priced items to get to $50 faster. Things like flour, sugar, soap, paper goods, and some food items. I also used their $3 off coupon on Quaker Oats products. I hope they put out these coupons again, being I do shop there a lot and love to get things in their bulk section. This past summer their canning jars were a better price than most stores in my area. I live a hour away from a Costco, so this is the best place for me to pick up the larger bags of items we use a lot.

  8. Melissa W. says

    We made it to Winco on Friday to use our $10 off $50 coupon. Mainly we stocked up on lots of fruits and vegetables (apples, bananas, pepper, lettuce, red potatoes, etc). I also decided to try the oats out of the bulk section … I didn’t get the old fashion (since you have to scoop those and I have crazy issues wondering if everyone uses the scoop, germs, etc) … but there were oats that were in the dispensers. We also picked up 2 – picinic pork roasts? Haven’t ever made one but worth a try … $7.00 for both will turn into inexpensive meals.

  9. Melinda D says

    My Winco had the 24 double pack of Cottonelle Ultra TP (the good stuff) for only $3.48…..if I did my math right that equals about 14 cents per single roll!. Plus, there were coupons in the Sunday paper last week to reduece that price even further. I did a little stocking up. :)

  10. Jo says

    I am always amazed at your grocery prices in the US. We in Canada have a slightly harder time :( We about a 4 month growing season and we make use of it with large gardens. We buy meat from local farmers. We even keep some chickens outside town limits at a friends place :) I have just found your blog and you keep me smiling and motivated. Blessings on your adventure!

  11. Sharon says

    The Puyallup Winco on 176th & Meridian is close to my workplace so I just returned from a “lunchtime excursion”to use my coupon. It was a little more crowded than usual, but not bad. There were items I wished I’d brought coupons for but there were fabulous deals to make up for it. 98cent Prego, 98 cent Progresso soup, 78cent Lindsay (small) olives (but if you chop them up anyway..who cares), 68cent S&W beans,. Their bulk spices are unbeatable in price, their bulk Valentines candy gave me just enough decorations for my cupcake plans for the holiday with more variety than if I bought whole packages. I saw a lady with a massive number of Noodle Roni & Rice a Roni boxes in her cart so it must have been a deal. There also must have been a good price on cereal too because there were many boxes per cart in line.

    The checker told me they buy by the truckload when they can for extreme low prices (like the Prego) and an extreme deal usually lasts until the load is gone unless they are just dropping a price to compete with an ad for another store.

    I’m not sure in this area there could be a grocery store cheaper than Winco.

  12. Sharon says

    Lisa…where is your layered mexican dip for the Super Bowl spirit? Of course you need olives to sprinkle on top!

  13. says

    I was really happy with my grocery shopping this week. Loving the J4U deals at Safeway on cheese and produce. Spent $11.50 at Safeway for (3) 2lb bags shredded cheese, (2) 80z bags shredded cheese, (3) bags snap peas, (2) free Good-N-Natural bars and spent $3 at Grocery Outlet on (4) mangos and a 2lb bag of pears. Also rolled some UPR at Rite Aid, spent $1.36 OOP, and received my $20 UPR for their January anniversary promo. All told in January, I spent only $17.76 buying the products to receive the $20 UPR, so my Rite Aid purchases for January earned me $2.24 PROFIT. Yes!

  14. Angie Smith says

    That is a screamin’ deal on Tillamook cheese! The cheapest I ever see it is at Costco, and I think it’s around $8 for a 2-ish pound block. I’m happy you stayed in your budget. I’m still laughing at the milk saga. 😀

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