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mondays with Mavis

This past week was a pretty boring one in the grocery department. Mainly I stayed home and did a lot of baking and made a bunch of crock pot meals from what we had on hand so I could spend my time in the garden rather than in the kitchen.

Grocery shopping is funny, some weeks there are a ton of deals and it’s seems like you are buying everything under the moon, and other weeks you just feast off the contents of your pantry.

I think popping into the grocery store several times a week is so  ingrained in our culture, we can’t imagine what it must have been like for the pioneers {or the Ingall’s} to have shopped only a few times a year for their groceries.

But then again, they were buying real food, in bulk, and harvesting all their vegetables from their backyard gardens.
QFC Shopping Trip

QFC – $7.35

QFC has an awesome Mega Sale going on right now where you can pick up 2 free can of S&W Beans this week plus extras for $0.29 a can {go HERE to find out how} as well as Hunt’s diced tomatoes or tomato sauce for only $0.49 a can.

lays potato chips

QFC – $10.58

Did you buy chips last week for the Super Bowl? Well, the HH and Monkey Boy were complaining that we had no “good” food in the house. While I was out buying milk, I picked up 2 bags of Lay’s so they could devour them like a bunch of wild animals in like 3 minutes flat. I don’t mind picking up chips for when I can get them for free or even $0.50, but when I have to waste $4 on them, it makes me a little crazy.

harbor greens market

Harbor Greens Market – $2.99

We are all out of potatoes so I picked up a 10 pound bag for $1.99 and some avocados for $0.50 each so I could make guacamole dip for the boys.

how to find free produce

Mr. Produce Guy – FREE 

Lettuce for BLT’s and tacos, apples for snacking, bananas for smoothies and peanut butter banana bread, and I dehydrated all the mushrooms and plan to use them later in a soup. Free produce rocks people! You can read about how I am able to pick up free produce each week HERE if you don’t know how I do it already.

How did you do this week? Did you come across any super awesome deals?


Total Spent This Week $20.92
Total Spent This Year $371.78
Total Spent This Year on Garden Seeds/Supplies $81.90 {I bought a Meyer Lemon Tree!}

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  1. Robin says

    I didn’t shop this week except for picking up a container of sour cream. Lived off the freezer and pantry myself. I did score some free lettuce and cabbage leaves for the girls from a vendor at the Farmer’s Market. Yahoo for free chicken treats. Have a super Monday.

  2. says

    I wonder, does Mr. Produce Guy know you keep some of the food for your family? I just ask because we had a store that used to give away produce, but don’t anymore. They became concerned it will be eaten by humans, not pets/livestock, and they will get sued if anyone gets ill from it. I can see their point, it is “spoiled” and I can see your point (much of it isn’t spoiled, is good food and shouldn’t go to waste).

    Also, several stores used to give baked goods to the senior center. But, then they got some who returned the food for refunds, saying it was stale! They don’t even sell it day old anymore, they say they don’t want to be known as a discount store. I hope they donate it to food banks.

    So, we can’t get any free food from our grocers anymore…

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