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jenni-o turkeyAlbertsons $.52

Last week I used all 5 of the $20 off Albertsons coupons I scored with their gift card promotion. Not only was also I able to pick up a nearly free turkey, but I was able to stock up on some key ingredients for side dishes and desserts as well.

albertsons shopping tripAlbertsons $3.65

Our chickens have practically stopped laying {we are still getting a few eggs a day} so I had to break down and buy a dozen eggs. Buying eggs when you have chickens seems so weird to me. But eggs are a must have for breakfast {and baking} around here.

Albertsons $0.69

I forgot to take a picture. oops!

weekly groceriesAlbertsons $0.66

Breakfast weenies, sparkling cider, rolls, green beans, cream cheese and more eggs.

groceriesAlbertsons $0.82 

Holy cow Mavis, are those more eggs? Did you really buy 5 dozen eggs last week? Yes, yes I did. I told you we eat a lot of eggs around here! As for the peppermint patties and mini doughnuts, I have no idea how they got in my cart. They mucy have jumped in or something. 😉

food waste in America

Mr. Produce Guy – FREE

Getting free “chicken scraps” from Mr. Produce Guy each week really helps to cut down on our grocery budget.

bartering food

Bartered Goods – FREE

And last but not least, my barter with my neighbor Hulda. I was able to trade some of my garden vegetables for some free elk meat and fresh baked cookies. Aren’t neighbors cool? :)

How did you do this past week? Any gift card deals in your area?


Total Spent This Week $6.34
Total Spent This Year $2004.25 {Yep, I’m over for the year}
Total Spent This Year on Garden Seeds/Supplies $919.96 {I bought a Meyer Lemon Tree, Rhubarb crowns, 6 Fruit Trees , 16 yards of soil}, Walla Walla Onions and 90 pounds of seed potatoesPlus, supplies to make my own potting soil. I also picked up a boatload of heirloom tomato plants at the Seattle Tilth sale.

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  1. Kathy says

    Well, let me tell you I had a GREAT week last week. Scored two 12 pound turkeys, yams, potatoes, all the fixings for green bean casserole, bread, mushrooms, celery, onions, 2 pounds of ground beef , a 3 1/2 pound chicken, a pork roast , Italian sausage, corn, yeast, flour, eggs, saffron rice and some other stuff I can’t remember. All FREE. Yep, you read that one right. Either given to me, rebates and/or bartering with neighbors/family. Love it when that happens.

  2. suzanne hissung says

    My niece made chocolate chip cookies with banana in place of the eggs this holiday. OMG they were awesome. Might be a way to use more bananas and less eggs.

  3. HollyG says

    I stopped by my Albertson’s yesterday and they had marked their fresh turkeys down to 49cents a pound. I was able to pick up 2 $48.00 natural turkeys for just over $10.00 each. I don’t think we can have our own turkeys processed that inexpensively.

  4. Jenni says

    I have a co-worker that says she puts things in people’s cart at the grocery store when they aren’t looking. Naughty… but funny! Maybe she found you!! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving :)

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