Money Saving Tip – 10 Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

10 Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide money saving tips

If the only place you keep hydrogen peroxide is your first aid kit, you may want to check out these cool and thrifty uses:

  1. Clean sponges.  Soak sponges for 15 minutes in an equal parts mixture of hydrogen peroxide and warm water to eliminate stinky odors and sanitize.  Rinse thoroughly after soaking.
  2. Clean wood cutting boards.  Create a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and clean wooden cutting boards.  Rinse thoroughly when finished.
  3. Get rid of yellowed armpits in white shirts by creating a paste of 1 part dish soap to 2 parts hydrogen peroxide.  Let mixture sit on shirts for an hour before rinsing off with cold water.
  4. Use as a disinfectant.  Use a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to disinfect toilets, sinks, counter tops and to clean the fridge.  Just spray and wipe clean.
  5. Let toothbrush soak in hydrogen peroxide to disinfect.  Rinse well afterwards.
  6. Use as a mouthwash and tooth-whitener.  Again, rinse well afterwards.
  7. Use as a bleach alternative in laundry. Use 1 cup in a standard load of laundry.
  8. Use to mop the floor.  Combine 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide with 1 gallon of hot water.  Moppity-mop and no need to rinse.
  9. Spray on houseplants to prevent fungus.
  10. Remove yellowing from white lace or white table cloths.  Soak in a sink full of cold water and 2 cups hydrogen peroxide.

What do YOU use hydrogen peroxide for?


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  1. Mary says

    You can use it on vegetables and sprouts to disinfect them and kill any ecoli and bacteria. It is safe and you can also spray cutting boards and counters.

  2. Susan Reid says

    I use it every day at work, as a Podiatrist! A few drops of diluted peroxide softenes the hard skin that sometimes clogs up the sides of toenails. It makes it easier for me to work on, and more comfortable for the patient.

  3. Louise says

    I use it in the frig. and out side also! Helps get any unhealthy and helps take the oders out as well! I wash it down with lemon and backing soda first then I spray the peroxide mix and let it set a min or so and then whip dry. I do this at least once to twice a month…just depends on if there are spills!

  4. Subienkow says

    Another use is cleaning dirty contact points on things that take batteries. You know, when the little springs or other ends get that green tinge or even a little rusty. Scrub a little peroxide on it to desolve to corrosion. It’s also good on your car battery posts. Just pour some on, let it sit for a momet or two, then rinse off.

  5. DanaLyn says

    After endlessly trying various different remedies for cleaning the cat spray off the back of my chair, I came across a peroxide suggestion. Let me tell you, that is the ONLY product that worked for me. Filled up a water bottle with Peroxide, (I diluted it just a bit), soaked the entire back of my “throne” and the floor underneath, let it air dry…and OMG no more stench! Miraculous if you ask me. I didn’t even care to “test” an inconspicuous spot, as I just wanted the smell gone, but neither my floor or chair turned colors.

  6. Jang says

    My little yorkie has a way of getting in trouble, and when she meet a skunk for the first time I used Peroxide to neutralize her new scent. She had a close encounter and sprayed point blank in the face and anytime she get close her breath still smelled like a skunk 3 weeks later. And being a yorkie she was less than cooperative when it came to her face washing. I put a wash cloth over her face and poured 1/4 of a cup on it and rubbed her face and she did the work. When she sucked it up it her nose it took care of her nose and breath.
    I always keep a bottle by the sink in my kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. I use it for everything.

  7. Rafeef says

    you can use it for medical treatment for cut wound … to clean it and kill germs after doing the dressing

  8. Laetitia in Australia says

    My sister has a problem with the sulphur preservative compounds in wine so she puts a few drops of HP in her glass to ‘neutralise’ it.

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