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Let me tell ya…baking 750 cupcakes is a lot easier than having to move 750 cupcakes… If you’re ever in a situations where you have to move mass quantities of food in a car… Here’s a tip: Use tomato/grape crates from Costco. Not only can they accommodate a variety of items… they stack nicely and “lock” into place. I’ve been doing this for years and so far so good… nothing has every toppled over (knock on wood). Of course the Cupcake Courier is my #1 choice for moving those little bites of chocolate goodness… but even between myself and my 2 neighbors we only had 7 (It’s a hot item on the house-wife circuit)… so the tomato crates came in very handy.

I decided very early on that we would bake 2 “flavors”… chocolate… and white. I find it odd that Pillsbury thinks “white” is a flavor… but hey… what do I know…
Once I had my flavors down… all that was left was to google “cupcake decorations” and weed thru all the different images until I found a few designs that appealed to me. I think my favorite design out of all 750 cupcakes was the chocolate cake with white frosting and a little chocolate brownie on top. Coming in at a close second was the peanut butter cup design that Mrs. Active Wear came up with on the fly… she can be very crafty under pressure… and that’s one of the reasons I like working with her on elaborate projects and teenager parties… she knows how to get stuff done efficiently… and I don’t have to listen to a bunch of chit chat either… In fact… if I were to apply to a reality show like the Amazing Race with her… I know we’d totally win… no doubt about it.
Then of course there was the whole business of coming up with a way to display a million bazillion cupcakes… And in the end I decided to invest in The Cupcake Tower… well… actually 2 of them. Each tower holds 208 cupcakes… and I figured… at the increasingly alarming rate I’m having to make cupcakes lately… I’ll get my moneys worth out of the thing…

PLUS… I can always loan it out if someone wants to borrow it for a large party… or a wedding… and probably get something good in trade for it too.

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