8 Shade Tolerant Annual Flowers

8 Shade Tolerant Annual Flowers

I plan on having quite a few flower pots on my back patio this year.  The only problem is that the patio is shaded.  Since most of the flowers I am used to growing love full sun, I am having to get creative about what flowers I choose, and how I plan to grow them.  I put together a handy dandy little list of flowers that tolerate shade so that I would have plenty to choose from.  Then, it occurred to me to share this list…because that’s what I do…I’m a sharer.

  1. Fuchsia.  Fuchsia is bright and classy.  It not only tolerates shade, but also cooler weather.  It can be planted in hanging baskets, flower beds, and planters.alyssum
  2. Alyssum.  Alyssum has tiny little flowers {usually white}.  It makes a great border plant.  It will tolerate shade and rock beds.  It will “spill” over the top/front of hanging baskets and pots, giving them a fuller and brighter look.
  3. Amethyst flower.  Amethyst have near perfect petals.  They are shaped kind of like a star.  They tolerate shade, but do need warmth.coleus plant
  4. Coleus.  I love, love, love Coleus.  While it’s technically not a flower, it has bright green and purple leaves that make flower pots pop.  It’s easy to grow from seed too.
  5. Impatiens.  Impatiens come in a variety of pinks, reds, and purples.  Some have have purple  leaves, which give them a little bit of individuality.lobelia
  6. Lobelia.  Lobelia are blue/purple.  They do well in the shade and can tolerate cooler temperatures.  They have a vine-like growing pattern, so they are awesome for hanging baskets and the edges of pots.
  7. Browallia.  Browallia is typically blue or purple.  They are small/medium sized flowers with beautiful individual petals.
  8. Viola.  Violas remind me of the flowers on Alice in Wonderland.  They look like they have faces to me.  They prefer cooler temperatures and can tolerate shade.  The downside to these guys in hot climates is that they will have a short blooming season.

There are actually quite a few more, but these are my favorite contenders so far.  How about YOU, do you have any favorite shade tolerant flowers?


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Word of the Day: Advent  Definition:  Any coming into being, arrival Used in a sentence: Since the advent of Christianity the position of woman has been elevated.

The poor HH. Stick in bed for the 4th day in a row. :( :( :(  It looks like today might be the worst day yet. I feel bad so bad for him. I personally like being sick {staying my my pj’s, sleeping all day, watching movies, snuggling with the puggle princess} but I hope he’s up and feeling better soon.

Have a great Tuesday everyone,


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Cooking From Your Pantry | Menu Plan Ideas, Freezer Meals and Simple Recipes Week 15 of 52

Menu Plan Ideas, Freezer Meals and Simple Recipes

Things are looking up this week. According to Chino the Handyman there is only one more day of work left on the remodel. You know what that means right? I get my house back. Wahoooo! I almost feel like I should bake a cake to celebrate or something.

I’m not sure what yummy goodness I’ll be making this week for my family, but here are a few ideas for both you and me.

Almond Lemon Poppy Seed Biscotti

3 Breakfast Ideas

Cranberry Coconut Breakfast Cookies – Don’t let the word cookie fool you, these are actually pretty packed with healthy goodness.  {Pin it for Later}

Almond and Poppy Seed Biscotti – There is something about a morning biscotti and coffee/tea that puts a smile on my face.  {Pin it for Later}

Baked French Toast – This is a great way to use up stale bread.  {Pin it for Later}

Crockpot-Lasagna-Soup24 Lunch Ideas and Dinner Ideas

Crockpot Lasagna Soup – I love my crockpot this time of year.  I can spend my days outside while dinner cooks away inside.  {Pin it for Later}

Rustic Split Pea Soup with Ham – Yet another delicious way to widdle down the leftover holiday ham.  {Pin it for Later}

Green Bean and Potato Salad – I could personally eat this as a main course, but of course, for normal folk, it makes an awesome side.  {Pin it for Later}

Tuna Salad with Lemon, Cucumbers and Carrots – Tuna salad is one of my favorites because it is soooo easy to put together.  {Pin it for Later}

Blueberry Custard Pie3 Sweet Treats 

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Haystack Cookies – Adding peanut butter to no-bake cookies is sheer genius.  {Pin it for Later}

Grapefruit Yogurt Cake  – I love cake that has a sweet and tangy flavor.  This cake provides both.  {Pin it for Later}

Blueberry Custard Pie – Blueberries will start hitting the stores soon.  This pie should totally be put on your to-do list.  {Pin it for Later}

Easy Freezer Meal - Chicken with Rice PilafFeatured Freezer Meal Recipe

Freezer Meal Chicken with Rice Pilaf – This is my standard go-to freezer meal.  The HH loves it, and it’s easy to throw together a couple of pans at a time.  {Pin it for Later}

Easy Refrigerator PicklesFeatured Canning Recipe 

Easy Refrigerator Pickles – If your pickle stocks are running low, this recipe is the perfect solution to get you through til cucumber season.  {Pin it for Later}

What are YOU planning on making this week?


Find more recipes on One Hundred Dollars a Month as well as on my Pinterest Recipe Boards.

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Penny Pinching Tip – Find Free Garden Much and Fertilizer In Your Area

tagro mix

There are so cities across the country offering free mulch, free wood chips, and treated bio-solid waste these days, that it almost seems silly to shell out $25 a yard for the stuff. Especially those of us with big gardens. A simple search of your local town {or nearest big city} and the words free mulch could save you big time.

Yesterday I stopped by TAGRO in Tacoma to pick up some FREE garden soil/fertilizer for my backyard garden plot. If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area, this stuff rocks!

Tagro products are basically made from a blend of pasteurized wastewater byproducts called biosolids and other weed-free gardening components. Gross, I know, but would you believe vegetables and flowers grown in the TAGRO soil mix have earned more than 120 ribbons at the Puyallup Fair since 1992? Yes it smells {for a few weeks} and YES IT’S BEEN TREATED. LOL so the stuff is totally safe to add to your garden.

tagro mix

I first learned about Tagro about 12 years ago from my neighbor. She used it on her lawn instead of shelling out $30 a bag for fancy fertilizer at the big box store. When she first told me about it I was like no way, I’m not going to put that stuff on my lawn or in my vegetable garden… and then I tried it. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

When I had chickens, I used chicken fertilizer in my garden beds. But since we are without a feathered flock in our new neighborhood, I am back to using Tagro.

tagro potting soil

So if you live nearby, grab a few storage bins {or better yet, bring your pick-up} and go get yourself some free fertilizer. You can find the Tagro site at 2201 E. Portland Avenue Gate 6 Tacoma, WA.

Don’t live in the Seattle/Tacoma area? No worries. A simple Google search of your local town {or nearest big city} and the words free mulch should come up with something.

Have you ever taken advantage of a free mulch program in your area?

Mavis wants to know!

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Everything You Need to Know About Pallet Gardening

Everything You Need to Know About Pallet Gardening

If you are short on space or live in a rental, pallet gardens are a great way to start a little impermanent garden.  I love that once the roots take hold, you can keep them upright against the fence or house.  It adds a wall of green without taking up walking space.   Or, if you are in a housing situation where you can’t make permanent landscaping changes, you can just take out the dirt, pick the pallets up and move them at the end of the growing season.

heat treated wood pallet

To get started, you’ll need to select your pallets.  This is the important part–you want to make sure that the pallets are not made from treated wood.  Treated wood and edibles = nastiness in your food supply.  No bueno.  I always try to find heat treated pallets–they are the safest to grow from.


Once you have your pallets, lay them flat {whether you plan to keep them vertical in the end or not–the roots have to take hold before you can stand them up}.  If you plan on going vertical with your pallets, you’ll want to get some landscape fabric and staple/nail it to the back, sides, and bottom of the pallet.  That way, you won’t lose your soil when you stand it upright.  If you are leaning it up against the house, you’ll also want to add a layer of plastic to the back to protect your siding from water.    {For detailed pictures on the landscaping fabric, go HERE.}


Once you have created a barrier for the soil, go ahead and add potting soil to the pallet.  I typically dump it on there and then use a broom to sweep it into the spaces.  Water it in well, so that the dirt has a chance to settle.  You really want to pack the dirt in well, especially if you are going to stand it up.

DIY wood pallet garden

Now you are ready to plant.  Tons of plants do well in pallets lettuce, herbs, flowers, strawberries, etc.  It’s really whatever suits your fancy.  I love that the rows are already perfectly lined up for you when it’s time to plant.  It makes my gardening OCD giddy.  If you are staying flat with your pallets, just plant using gravity as your pal, the regular old fashioned way, roots straight down.  If you plan to stand the pallet up, you’ll need to plant at a slight angle, so again, when you stand it up, gravity won’t work against you.

wood pallet gardens

You’ll want to keep the pallet flat for the next 2-3 weeks while the roots take hold.  Continue to water it, just like a regular garden {I know, duh!  But, it’s in the name of being thorough.} After that, you can stand it up and lean it against some sort of support {the fence, the house, etc.}.

wood pallet garden

That’s basically it.  It’s really pretty simple.  Now all you have to do is send me pictures of YOUR pallet garden. :)


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