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Happy Friday everyone!

I thought I would give you a mini garden tour today and show you what’s growing {and what’s not} in our 16 raised garden beds. If you are wondering why I’m holding Miss Lucy, it’s because she is not longer allowed in the front yard. Every time she’s out in the front, she bolts.

She’s a free spirit. What can I say.

raised garden beds

Okay, before I show you all the vegetables that are thriving, let’s talk about these 2 stinkin’ garden beds shall we? I cannot get ANYTHING to grow in these. Nada. Nothing. What is up with that? I even tested the soil.  These beds are cursed I tell you. Cursed!

I think I’m going to have my online boyfriend sing to them or something when he visits me in a few weeks for the Mother Earth News Fair. Something has got to be done about this.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Seriously, what’s the deal?

raised garden beds organic cabbage heads

The cabbage {which is in the bed right next to the duds} is totally thriving, And no, I did not add another cabbage in the empty space yet. I thinkI’m going to leave it empty.

raised garden  beds radish

Radishes. We are picking them today!

The onions and kohlrabi that are in there are doing great.

square foot gardening

The square foot garden. So far so good. I’m really surprised at how well all the different plants are growing next to each other.

raised garden beds rainbow  Swiss chard

Swiss Chard. Ahh I love how it’s growing in perfect little rows.

raised garden beds organic tomatoes

We planted 6 beds with tomato plants last week and they are doing great.

heirloom tomato plant

Here’s a close up of one of the tomato plants. I’m thinking we are about 60 days away to fresh salsa. What do you think?

raised garden beds

We planted garlic last fall and typically harvest towards the end of June or early July.


Close up of the artichoke leaves. I seriously thought these were gonners, but after some serious watering, they perked back up.

young beet greens

Check out the beets! They are coming alive. I need to get out there and thin these soon.

raised garden beds mavis blog

Here’s a view from the back of the garden. I think everything is looking as it should for mid-May. In about another month or the tops of all the raised garden beds should be covered in a sea of green and it will start to look dreamy.

Right now I’m wishing I had a few more garden boxes.

Hmmm. I wonder if I can get the HH to build me a few.

What’s new in your garden? Are you tomatoes in yet? Have you spotted any tomato flowers yet?


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  1. Kate says

    Your garden is looking fabulous! We have no yard, so currently are container gardening Meyer Lemons, Strawberries, Green garden beans, and tomatoes. I have 2 tomato plants but they are huge! Probably about 2 feet tall, but really really big and sturdy. I counted yesterday, and between the 2 I already have 95 blossoms. I am THRILLED. I’ve been watering them with the fertilizer as well as water mixed with epsom salts. Once I started with the epsom salts, blossoms just EXPLODED everywhere. I’m very hopeful to get many many tomatoes! :)

  2. Sherry in Sumner says

    Even Dandy Andy can’t get anything to grow in those two boxes? All the rest of your containers are looking marvelous, Mavis (hey, a new name for you: Marvelous Mavis)!
    My five tomato pants are in. I’m going to look for a Roma plant to add to them.
    I love the tours you give of your garden every day.

  3. Margery says

    What is the green lid there, if it’s a propane tank and the pipes from it to the hose run under those beds , then you could have a small underground leak that prevents stuff from growing. I know when my parents natural gas line to the house had a underground leak the first sign was the grass not growing.

  4. Jessie A says

    I am so jealous of your backyard! Things have finally warmed up enough here in Massachusetts that things are starting to grow. Strawberry plants growing like crazy…..and then the dreaded garden wrecking visitor came last night and dug like crazy through our raised beds and even our planters. I am thinking it was a raccoon, so bummed I finally figured out how to deal with the insect pests and now I have the fruuy pests to take care of. :(

  5. Cathe in Ashland, OR says

    Dear Mavis,
    Looking at how abundantly everything is popping up, it occurred to me: How the heck is this girl going to harvest everything in September? I think that you should have a harvest party and invite everybody who reads this blog to come help you! Then you can have a canning party for the tomatoes, and the fun next ends. Seriously, you give so much to all of us with this blog that keeps going–even when you’re in ENGLAND–that it would be nice to have a way to pay you back. Ask and ye shall receive!

  6. Huey says

    Sorry to learn Lucy is a bolter! I read that she’s been chipped, but I wondered if she also wears a collar w/an ID tag w/your contact info on it? You can make your own at Petco & PetSmart. She is sure a cutie.

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