Raising Backyard Chickens – Baby Chicks

I sent The Girl to the feed store for a 50 pound bag of chicken feed. She came back with the feed alright, but she also came home with a 50 pound bag of chick starter, and a heating lamp.  Oh, and 6 baby chicks. What a stinker!

She was very upset over the recent loss of our chickens, and had made up her mind that it was a result of the boys not closing the gate early enough while we were out of town for 7 days.

And although I suspect that may have been the case, I said nothing to her about it.

Needless to say the Handsome Husband is going to flip out when he gets home, as the new baby chicks are currently residing in his parking space in the garage.

Row 1 – Pablo and Picasso  {Silver Laced Wyandotte Chickens}

Row 2 – Maroon and 5 {Rhode Island Red Chickens}

Row 3 – Fatty and Peter {Australorp and Ameraucana Chickens}

* The chickens were named by The Girl and The Boy Scout.

Even though there arrival was a bit unexpected, I couldn’t be happier.  The outside coop is now secured and we are looking forward to introducing the baby chicks to the hens once they get a little bigger.

Wahoo!  We have babies again!

If you would like to learn more about raising chickens, check out The Joy of Keeping Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Poultry for Fun or Profit By Jennifer Megyesi. Amazon currently has it on sale for $10.17 and it is a great resource to have.

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  1. Jen J says

    I’m so jealous. Chickens aren’t allowed in my neighborhood or I’d have my own. Love the pictures of the new chicks (and the names!). Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  2. Jesse says

    I didn’t even know you could find chicks in the fall! I have a Golden Laced Wyandotte named Bitey that is quite a character!

  3. Cary says

    I wish I had a bigger yard!! I would love to keep chickens (and bees). But our yard is small enough as it is, especially with 4 dogs (even though they aren’t out all the time). Some day…

  4. Kim says

    I can understand this! I was devastated when our chicken Mary lost her Rhoda! Mary can NOT be without her Rhoda!!! Snooki and Jwoow are doing well and so are Romy and Michelle. I just love naming chickens!

  5. says

    So cute!!! Great photos too; did The Girl Who Thinks She’s a Bird do those or you?
    I can’t wait until we build a fence, so we can build a coop, so I can get baby chicks too!

  6. Sarah says

    I have been henpecking my husband to let me get an Eglu – the newer cube model. How bad is the smell with your Eglu? I am told chickens get quite stinky….???

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