Raising Backyard Chickens: How to Get Rid of Nuisance Chickens # 572

Yesterday, while I was at the dentist getting some work done on my crappy British teeth, I received a text message from my neighbor Girly Girl.

Girly Girl- Okay you seriously need to take Buff back.  I’m ready to kill it.

Mavis- Why?

Girly Girl- It’s awful. It won’t shut up!  It sounds like a child yelling.

Mavis- It’s all in your head.

Girly Girl- Chino put the chickens out early too.  Like at 8 – 8:30 am.

Mavis- Chickens are supposed to go outside at day break you dummy.  That’s the problem.  Just put her out early tomorrow.

Girly Girl- I’m listening to her right now.  When can The Girl come and get her?  Or should I just push it down the hill?

Mavis- Stop being so dramatic.  Maybe Buff is dehydrated.  Just give her some water or something.

Girly Girl- I knew you gave us the defective chickens.  Come get her!

So this morning, at the crack of freakin’ dawn, we had to go retrieve Buff the Wayward chicken.

Dang!  I was so close to getting rid of that pesky chicken!

So hey, does anyone want an egg layer?  She eats bugs and is really good with kids.

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If you would like to learn more about raising chickens and all the fun and excitement it brings… Check out The Joy of Keeping Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Poultry for Fun or Profit By Jennifer Megyesi.  Amazon currently has it on sale for $11.15.

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  1. katy says

    lol — from how far back in your family do these “crappy” british teeth come? i’m worried that my son has inherited my eng/scots hybrids. orthodontics ahoy!

  2. LaToya says

    I have good teeth. Still wore braces in college. But I married crappy British teeth and so the children have inherited them as well. Glad we coupon because orthodontics and dental work ain’t cheap.
    I remember you were excited to get rid of that chicken. And now it’s back. Karma – ROTFL!!

  3. says

    We’d take the Wayward Buff, but I don’t think you want to drive to the Hamlet of Beavercreek with a Chicken in the Car. Good Luck :)

  4. Helen in Meridian says

    I believe Buff’s Honeymoon lasted fewer days than Kim Kardashian’s wedding, 71 days. Why did you take her back? Maybe a slowly simmered chicken soup in your pot is in the works.

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