Reader Megan Sends in Her Garden and Chicken Photos

Reader Megan recently sent in photos of her mini farm she named Brown Acre. Meagan lives in West Virgina with her husband and children and loves to garden, play with chickens and garden. Which is pretty stinkin’ awesome if you ask me.

Here is what Megan had to say about Brown Acre.

My husband and I have a dream….and it is to farm full-time and actually make a living doing it. We have decide before we just jump into 100+ acres with livestock, to have a “farm” on the land that we currently have. Hence the name “Brown Acre”. We only have one acre to work with!!

It is amazing what you can grow/make/do for yourself on a small parcel of land. This year was probably the best out of the three we have been “farming” here.

We have six hens and one rooster at Brown Acre. The rooster is a recent addition. We adopted him from some neighbors. The picture above shows our open air concept coop that the girls (and boy) love in the summer time! Because it gets VERY cold here in the late fall and winter, we will be moving them in the next few weeks to a hoop house or green house. Hopefully that will keep them warm!

We more or less let them “free” range by doing a paddock system with solar-powered, portable electric poultry fencing. Our girls are named are Francine (Barred Rock, from a farmer named Frank), Red and Patricia (White Leghorns..awesome layers), Bertha (unsure of breed as she was given to us, but she is big, black, and has feathers on her legs and feet), Goldie (Golden Phoenix Bantam), and Jersey Girl (White Jersey Giant) and Buddy the rooster.

You can read more about Megan and her life on her blog Brown Acre.

Everything looks beautiful Megan, and I hope Buddy the rooster is a nice to the ladies. Thanks for sharing!


*If you have a garden, a chicken coop or anything else super exciting and would like to be featured here on, then send in your photos to onehundreddollarsamonth {at}, along with a brief description of your pictures and I will try and get them posted.

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