Recipe – Rainbow Swiss Chard Smoothie

This morning I was rather brave and made something I had never tried before.  A Rainbow Swiss Chard smoothie.  Holy canolies Batman, it is possible to drink your vegetables… and like them too.

I felt like I should have been standing in a tree house in Berkeley while I was drinking it, or at the very least REI.  Swiss chard smoothies have a very earthy taste to them.  For a second there I thought I was sipping roasted beets.  It was good.  Just different than the typical Jamba Juice smoothie flavors I’m used to.


  • 1 cup rainbow Swiss chard, well packed
  • 2 cups strawberries, frozen
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 cup Cranberry Juice



Toss everything into a blender and hit the smoothie button.  Blend until nice and smooth.  Drink up and enjoy!

So, Mavis wants to know: Do you drink smoothies?  What is the most unusual combination of ingredients you have tried in your smoothie?

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  1. mar says

    my kids love fruit N yougert smoothies w/ carrots ,celery, zuccini, & ‘gross’ green drink mix added to it!

  2. LaToya says

    Oh no! That doesn’t even look good. You are so adventurous and healthy that was, Miss Mavis. Good on ya’.

  3. Diana says

    My usual smoothie recipe is frozen beet greens, frozen whole pomegranate seeds, an orange, ( all 3 of these from the garden) banana, ground flax, and sometimes I throw in vanilla protein powder, or a date, or honey. I have the blendtec too, so I just add liquid as needed either almond milk, or water. I also save the pulp that is left over from my juicer and freeze it in ice cube trays. I throw these in smoothies too so I use up the leftover kale, carrot, or whatever fiber from the juice .We have a smoothie every morning.

  4. Angela says

    I totally never understood how people could pay so much for a blender… Then our lame one died and we splurged on a ridiculously expensive one. Oh my word, I love it!! We got a Vitamix and I love making smoothies for my kids. We throw in whole pineapple chunks (core included) oranges, whole apples, kale, frozen bananas…whatever else we have that needs to be eaten up. It’s such a great way to get extra vitamins and nutrients into us. My kids like coming up with weird concoctions, I don’t care as long as they drink them, lol!!

  5. Dee says

    Lools are deceiving! I subbed 1 cup pomegranate juice (unsweetened & pure) for the cranberry juice and added 1 cup of ice. This was super yummy!! Very sweet & I didn’t even add sugar! It tasted like juice!!

  6. Kerrie says

    I have a green smoothie every morning. I use 2 cups of power greens (spinach, kale, arugula, Swiss chard, and baby greens), 2 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 1/2 zucchini, 1/2 cucumber, a handful of broccoli crowns, pineapple, chia seed, and goji berries. I don’t use ice because I don’t like it when it is too cold. I started drinking these several months ago because I had a bunch of oral surgeries to go through and now I just love how much energy they give me in the morning so I keep drinking them!

  7. renee says

    After my blender broke a few months ago, I have been using my Magic Bullet to blend everything. I saw this recipe and thought it would be a great way to use the swiss chard I have growing since I never have enough to actually cook. My garden will produce about a handful every other day. I got the other ingredients and broke out the Magic Bullet. Well the Magic Bullet is now dead. I decided to get out my immersion blender. It did the trick. This smoothie was so good. I really think Santa needs to bring me a new blender or Magic Bullet for Christmas.

    Thanks Mavis.

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