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chicken scraps

When we picked up our free “chicken scraps” this past week there were just 2 boxes. It made me wonder, do people buy less produce when it’s cold outside?

free produce

Even though there was quite a bit of edible lettuce, apples and grapes in the boxes, I only hung on to a few things for us to eat. The rest, went to the chickens. I felt sorry for our pet birds because it has been so cold outside, they are unable to “scratch” for bugs or anything else with the ground completely frozen solid in our shaded backyard.

rhode island red pullet

In the past I would take the reclaimed food out of the boxes and set up a sort of fruit and vegetable display for the chickens. But lately, I’ve been leaving the whole box in the chicken run for a day or so first because it is so much fun to watch the hens interact with each other while they are scoping out their loot.

backyard chickens

The whole thing is very social, like a water cooler at an office would be. The chickens take turns hopping on the edge of the giant banana box and grabbing what they want. Sometimes there is a big chase to get what another chicken has, but usually, they are pretty civil about it.


Hey Martha, how are you holding up? Your black and white feathers look gorgeous in this foggy weather. 

Thanks Jersey. This cantaloupe is delicious, did you try some? How are you doing with your hen patterned baldness? Have you asked Mavis to knit you a little cap yet? I hear we might have snow later this week.

fresh eggs

There’s no doubt about it,

Happy Chickens = Happy Eggs.

Life is good.

Peace Out Girl Scouts, have a great day.


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  1. SC says

    I would say your getting less since people are buying more produce from the store since gardens are gone.
    So, per the conversation, is Mavis knitting/making chicken winter wear? lol

  2. Jennifer says

    I think what you are doing is awesome and I am really enjoying your site :). I am wanting to try this to get scraps for our chickens and maybe us too ;). Need to work up the nerve to ask. Did you ask the produce manager or who would you ask?

    • Mavis says

      Yep, just go right up and ask the produce manager. The worst thing that could happen is they will say no. If that happens, just try another store. :) Good Luck. :)

      • says

        The first store I ask said no and I got some strange looks. I’m scared to ask another one, but I’m working on my nerve. Most stores around my city give to food banks, from what I’ve been told. We’ll see…

  3. cyndi says

    I love your blog. Yours is the first web site I visit everyday! You are such a hoot, I wish you were my neighbor. The chicken comemtary is hilarious. Keep it up girl!

  4. Becka says

    You have inspired me to be more bold in the grocery store. Today I noticed some hams in my local store had today’s date as their expiration date. I asked the meat guy if he could mark them down for me…and he did! I got two hams for 69 cents a pound!

  5. Robin says

    Your chicken pictures put a smile on my face. You treat your girls like we do as part of the family. Here’s a tip for your next Costco run. I came across organic chicken(boneless skinless thighs, and whole chickens) with an expiration date of the next day. I asked the meat guy to make me a deal and he marked them down for me by more than 50%. That’s right girlfriend organic chicken instead of $15.00 a 3 pack it was less than $7.00! The organic whole chickens are expensive (2 chickens are usually around $25-$30). These he marked down to $11.00 a 2 pack. Of course I bought them all to fill my freezer. I felt like I had won the lottery. Once you work up the nerve to start asking for deals it gets easier and easier. Thanks for the inspiration to give it a go.

  6. says

    Oh Mavis, I’m so jealous of those grapes! It seems like grapes were one of the items this year that never really went on sale in the stores. This week was *yawn* in my reclaimed produce: 3 heads romaine (still have 3 in the fridge from last week) and 6 tomatoes. Made oven-dried tomatoes to add to salads with 4 of them and gave the romaine and last 2 tomatoes to a neighbor who has a tortoise- she’s always excited to get extra!

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