Reclaimed Food Show and Tell

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how to find free food

I was going to sit here and tell you I didn’t keep the cantaloupe melon because all the bottoms were soft and mushy. And how the majority of the grapes had brown spots on them, and how after a long weekend I didn’t feel like picking through them for the potential keepers.

I was also going to mention that although there was an entire case of lettuce, I only kept a few heads for my family, and divided up the rest between our chickens and Girly Girls, and that the mangos looked a little iffy so I passed on salvaging them for smoothies.

I think I was going to complain.

But once the pictures were on my computer screen, my mind went immediately to the book I had finished on the plane ride home from Denver. The Glass Castle. Have you read it?

how to find free produce

It put a whole different perspective on the fruit and vegetables I had kept.

I bet if the Walls children had come across these same 3 boxes of discard produce, they would have sat there and ate every single piece of their bounty. And here I was, giving most of it away to our pet chickens.


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  1. Jeepers that book looks grim. Hopefully uplifting & thought-provoking, too, though.

  2. The Glass Castle definitely opens your eyes. It reminded me of how truly lucky I am.

  3. Jessica Grell says:

    One of my favorite books!

  4. The Glass Castle is a great book! But you must read Jeanette Walls other novel, Half Broke Horses. It’s the life story or her grandmother. She was one tough cookie!

  5. You always get so much fruit! I usually get mostly veggies, but I’m not complaining! Haven’t had to purchase veggies for my critters since I started getting the reclaimed produce. Last week I got a container of wheatgrass in our box. My husband used it in his smoothies and I’ve been watering it and now it’s growing! Yay! :)

  6. About 40% of my kids’ school mates get free lunch and we have a back pack food program that is a lifeline to them. It does make you more mindful about food waste in your own home to know that almost half of the kids she sits next to were possibly hungry last night.
    That’s a good book, btw, I read it several years ago.

  7. Quick question. Is it okay to feed your chickens salad that has gone over – I.e. slightly slimy in places? I try to give them only good stuff of course but hate to throw stuff out!

  8. Ditto on Half Broke Horses…an equally good read about her grandmother.

  9. Tiffany Kerns says:

    Such a true point. Easy to complain until you realize how good you have it! I too got a box of produce today. Was going to throw most to the neighbor chickens, but decided to go ahead and clean all the lettuce and share with the other neighbors. Time on my part but they were thrilled. That book was awesome!

  10. Nice simple week here.

    3 head romaine, 5 tomatoes, 1lb strawberries, bunch of baby bok choy, and one little zucchini. All eaten up except a couple of the romaine. Excited to see what Monday brings!

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