Regional Planting Guides For Backyard Gardeners

regional planting guides

Are you ready to start your garden but you’re not sure when you should plant your seeds or set out your transplants? Click on the region you live in below and you’ll be taken you to a handy dandy chart that is broken down into what vegetables should be planted {or transplanted} each month.

Anyone can do this. Dirt + Seeds+ Water = Food!


Pacific Northwest Region Planting Guide

Mid-Atlantic Region Planting  Guide

Maritime Canada and New England Region Planting  Guide

Central/Midwest Region Planting Guide

North Central and Rockies Region Planting Guide

Southwest Region Planting Guide

Southern Interior Planting Guide

Gulf Coast Region Planting Guide

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  1. Heather says

    I am also curious for Alaska, trying to plan my first veggie garden ever and new to alaska this year! Thanks for all of your great info :)

  2. Krista says

    What about Hawaii? :) I know we have awesome warm weather year round but I’m so clueless about
    How to garden here.

  3. Luvmyveggies says

    I live in the central NY area & am unsure as to exactly what region I’d look in for starting my garden. I only have a very limited space & fixed income so I cannot buy alot of things. I just want to plant, nurture, & grow my veggies successfully. I am not sure which veggies to plant where in this space.

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