Save Pablo! Anyone Want a FREE Rooster?


At around 5:30 this morning the Handsome Husband informed me Pablo was attempting to crow. He heard this from our bedroom, the windows were closed and the chickens had not been let out of their coop yet.

What? Are you serious? Oh the HH was dead serious, and had a rather stern look on his face when he told me too.

Not believing him, I ran to the window, cracked it open and listened for a good 5 minutes and I didn’t hear a sound.


Then, as I was making a cup of tea, I heard several awkward attempts at crowing.

CRAP! Now we are going to have to find our beloved* Pablo a home. And Quick!

Update: Pablo has gone to a good home {with kids!}. Yay!

So, if you are in the Tacoma/ Gig Harbor area and would like 1 very handsome, well mannered,and well cared for rooster named Pablo, please email me at onehundreddollarsamonth {at} and I will get back to you asap.


*When I say our beloved Pablo I am referring to The Girl and I of course. The HH and Monkey boy do not share the same feelings towards our chickens. Ha!

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  1. Krista says

    okay i guess im not clued in as farm as farm animals are concerned by why do you have to get rid of him if he crows?

    some ppl down the street have roosters and it’s kinda neat to hear them in the morning

  2. Huey says

    Can’t you give him a while. Maybe the nearby folks will not be bothered by him. Can’t be any worse than a dog that barks a lot!

  3. crlzmmr says

    Have you tried asking your friend Lisa at Garden Sphere if she will take him?
    You gave Garden Sphere a shout-out on this site ( Jan 5th ).
    They may have gotten alot of orders.
    Maybe to show their appreciation they would take Pablo.

    • says

      We may take him, but I GUARANTEE he won’t go to a home. We already have 1 rooster on the patio and he’s slated for butcher next week. Sadly, Pablo would go with him. If he had originally come from us we would take him back no problem (and still not guarantee a home for him), but we’d still take him back (and she’d get a $14.99 credit). Right now we are re-doing our front sales patio space so he wouldn’t be out for the public to see.

      I will put something on our Facebook page though. Not sure if anyone is in the market for a Silver Laced Wyandotte Roo though.

  4. Susan Robinson says

    Oh, so sorry about Pablo! I have been hoping he would have the good sense not to show his crowing abilities and thus loose his happy home. Would your neighbors really complain? Can you appeal to their softer sides and ask for a reprieve?

  5. Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity says

    Poor Pablo! Sad you have to separate him from Picasso =/ Hopefully he will find himself a nice coop in the country!

  6. Kelly Broadurst says

    OH Mavis~ It can be so! Pablo is gorgeous! Can’t he stay a while until his crow is more defined?

    I know he must go but it’s so sad. :( I live in Raleigh, NC or I would come get him straight away!

    Downton Abby tonight!~! :)

  7. Kelly Broadurst says

    I just had an idea!

    SAVE PABLO PETITION!! We could all sign a petition and give it your hubby and he will OF COURSE!! change his mind!


  8. says

    Sorry about your roo. :( The good news is, your chickens are now a renewable resource. You could give him do someone you will let him have conjugal visits with your ladies and you could have lots of little Pablitos/Pablitas running around. (because he’s SO PRETTY!)

    Another option — you might contact these guys:

  9. Noni says

    Oh the rooster issue…our friends gave us their two “best chickens” last spring. They both turned out to be roos! LOL! Since it was my first time with chickens I wasn’t sure ’til they really started crowing. Roos are not allowed here in Auburn, Wa…so I learned how to slaughter. Not something I want to do on regular basis but it was a worthwhile experience.

    I now have 5 girls (3 Buffs and 2 Swedish Flowers) and they are all happy and healthy- and still giving us 3-4 eggs a day even in winter!

    Glad Pablo found a happy home =]

  10. says

    Hi Mavis,

    So glad you found a nice home for Pablo. You might want to slip this book under your handsome husband’s pillow in case any more chicks grow up to be roosters.

    Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man
    Brian McGrory

    You and the girl are not alone!!

    I love your blog and I’m starting my own. New adventures all around.


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