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While The Girl and I were running errands today we stopped by Target to check out their 90% off Christmas sale. *Thanks Monique for the heads up.

target christmas clearance sale

We went late in the day, so by the time we got there the stock had been pretty picked over. There were lots of boxed ornaments, gift bags, greeting cards, and a few Christmas decorations, but we didn’t need any of those items, so we didn’t buy anything. As we were walking towards the front of the store, we noticed an end cap with a bunch of holiday treats on the shelf.

ritz fudge crackers

There were about 20 boxes of Ritz Fudge crackers without a price tag on them so I picked up a box and found a scanner. $0.25 a box! Weeeee… these would be perfect for the boys.

m&m pretzel

Red and Green pretzel M&M’s were only $0.89 a bag.

strawberry bag

I also picked up a box of The Girl’s favorite Kashi Cereal too.

Here is what my transaction looked like:

{4} Fudge covered Ritz Cracker Boxes $0.25 each
{1} Pretzel M&M’s $0.89
{1} Kashi Berry Cereal $2.75
Used {1} $.75/1 Kashi Target Printable Coupon *
Used {1} $1/1 Any Kashi Cereal Coupon {cut out from a box of Kashi bars}
Used My favorite Strawberry Shopping Bag to save $0.05
Final Price: $2.84

* Target was out of the Kashi Berry Cereal that was printed on the Target store coupon. When I asked the stock person if they had anymore, he told me to grab any box of Kashi berry cereal I wanted as an instant replacement.

Target Shopping Trip

All in all not a bad trip.  I scored some crap food for the boys, and my daughters favorite cereal for less than 3 bucks. I was happy.

I will be posting my grocery budget goals for 2013 in tomorrows edition of Mondays with Mavis, so be sure and check back tomorrow morning.

Did YOU score any great after Christmas deals at Target this past week? Have you tried those fudge covered Ritz crackers? How do they taste?


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  1. Teresa Yb. says

    I was at Target when things were 75% off. I bought 2 pouches of Betty Crocker gingerbread cookie mix. They were clearanced to 62 cents each and I had 2 60 cents off coupons I had printed out, making them 2 cents each.

  2. Melissa W. says

    I was at our Target yesterday and scored 12 bags of semisweet chocolate chips (colored red, green, and brown) for .25 a bag … my hubby thought I was crazy (buying 12 bags!) until we priced chocolate chips at Safeway a little later in the day!!!

  3. Susan says

    I was surprised to find LOTS of goodies at my local Target yesterday, even though I didn’t get there until 10:30

    I got:
    4-bags of Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chips- Red/Green- .22 each
    2- Boxes of 60-ct candycanes- .24 each -( Plan to make those Valentine pops with 2 youngest Granddaughters)
    3-Bags of Dunkin Donuts coffee- Gingerbread- .74 each
    3-Bags Chex Muddy Buddy Peppermint – .29 each
    3 – BC Gingerbread Cookie Mix- .20 each
    2- 75-ct cupcake papers- .29 each

    2- In Ear Mic and Remote – $1.49 each
    2- lip glosses- .19 each
    2- elf nail polishes- . 19 each
    1-ornament – .20
    90 address labels ( to use on canning jars)
    1- Glittery purse – .70
    2 – 4 oz. body lotions – .30 each
    1 – small tinsel tree with lights – .70
    1 – Christmas CD – .99
    8-sets of outdoor lights- .79-$1.29

    3-Holiday Knee Highs – .50 each
    1- Holiday Crew Socks – .29

    DH picked up a set of solar powered white lights to put on our grape arbor! – $2.19

    SPENT: $26.58
    SAVED: $241.85!

    Have a good start on 2013 Christmas shopping and LOTS of stuff to give away! :)

  4. Adrry says

    In Jersey, Today I bought lots of goodies and hidden items that might not look like Christmas items. All 90% off gotta love these savings. Slippers with silver tags $1.29, Rolled pjs flannel shorts $1, iPad covers 2.99, iPhone5 covers 1.49, Oreo holiday cookies .29, certain Christmas woman pj with silver tags 1.79, holiday kids shirt .99 ex hellokitty toy story Charliebrown Dora princess, men’s holiday boxers characters and silver wrappings .59-.89, vanity fair and Dixie’s holiday plates .29, gift tissue.19-.30, decor pillows 1.49, sausages .59, scotch tape .20, market pantry holiday fruit snacks .19, and much more. All these items were NOT in the Christmas aisles but mixed in the regular/sections of the store so your keep eyes open.

  5. LaToya says

    We were there too – only here, not there. Ours went to 90% off as well. I bought some Christmas gifts for next year in that clearance junk, and 15-cent Gingerbread peeps as rewards/treats for the kiddies. And some 10-cent gift bags. Ran low on these this year and that’s how I wrap for the little nieces/nephews – just throw a bunch of crap in a big fun bag.

  6. Betsy says

    I have had those crackers before and while I was expecting a strange taste – but they are AWESOME. I am sure your husband and son will like them.

  7. Ashley says

    We got a few things yesterday, too. I didn’t get to search as much as I’d like (impatient kiddos), but I got a shirt for my son for .90, a bath poof for .9, chocolate covered pretzels for .50, a bag of bows for .10, and a foam christmas tree kit for .50. Plus free reach floss and .49 Clorox stain remover (w/coupons).

  8. Monique S says

    Awesome!! Glad you were able to score too!! My fave item by far was my new Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown bakeware set in orange! Rang up 90% off as unmarked clearance on the same holiday markdown schedule!!

    Nothing says savings like90% off and $4.99 for ceramic bakeware duos!!

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