Square Foot Gardening – Giant Zucchini Alert!

square foot garden

Lucy and I were out in the garden this morning so I snapped a few pictures of our square foot garden and holy cow is it overgrown or what? You can hardly see the square foot garden dividers.

giant zucchini

This is the giant zucchini we harvested. I’m not sure how we overlooked it when we were harvesting Swiss chard the other day {the Swiss chard bed is adjacent to the square foot garden} but somehow we did. Looks like a few {okay, 10} loaves of zucchini bread our in our future. 😉


The cucumber plants are doing especially well in the square foot garden this year. Next year I’ll have to remember to put some sort of structure in the garden for them to climb on.

kale tree

Ahh the magical kale tree. It just keeps growing, and growing and growing.

kale stalk

Does anyone know how tall it will get? Do you think the kale plant could grow as tall as me?

I don’t know but I’m excited to find out.

strawberry runners

Strawberry runners. Do you have these all over your garden? I need to dig them up and move them pretty soon before they start to take over the entire garden.
lima beans

Okay, so I think this is a lima bean plant but I’m not sure. The leaves are so waxy I almost pulled up the plant because I thought it was a giant weed. Then I noticed the bean pods.

carrot seedlings

Carrot seedlings. I planted a big bed of carrots in another garden bed but I thought it would be fun to grow a few more in the square foot garden too. The carrots I grew here earlier this year did great, so why not plant them again?

roma beans

And last but not least, the Roma beans. Yep, it’s time to harvest.

How is your garden doing these days? Is it winding down or just picking up steam?

Mavis wants to know.

Thinking about putting together a Square foot garden? See the how I built a square foot garden grid HERE. All New Square Foot Gardening For more information, check out All New Square Foot Gardening.  It is an Amazon bestseller and the author, Mel Bartholomew is basically the king of square foot gardening.

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  1. Patty P says

    I have a million cherry tomatoes. I think the broccoli is winding down :( But hopefully the cauliflower will come on strong soon! I think you are right about the lima beans….I planted lima beans this year (never have before) and I have the same pod looking things on bean like plants, so that is what I am figuring they are. My zucchini and summer squash aren’t producing much, but that’s okay by me….we eat what they give us! I have a ton of spaghetti squash coming ready. My cucumbers are just about done. Still digging potatoes. Swiss chard and kale still going strong. Celery is growing slowly. I thought I had one giant pumpkin growing, but I “found” another one…I’m not sure how I overlooked a pumpkin the size of a small boulder, but I found it yesterday and am thrilled! Oh, and the pears are now ready…we picked a bushel off of one tree…and we have three more trees that are bigger than that. Guess I’m canning pears! Did I mention that I’m a teacher and this was my first day back?! Somebody’s going to be busy this weekend!

  2. says

    Sadly, our growing season is winding down. I put together a small “hoop house/cold frame” to try to extend some of our greens.. It’ll be my first time, so I’m shooting small!

    Because of all your posts on how much you grow, I’ve been weighing my produce for the first time! And I’m certainly not anywhere near you but Im up to 70 lbs! And counting! Not bad for my small garden!

  3. Katrina says

    My garden is a mess! The raspberries went crazy this year (third year) and it’s like a jungle out there. Then I made the mistake of planting zucchini, spaghetti squash, pumpkins and butternut squash in the same area. The vines are growing everywhere. It is fun to go out and see what’s underneath but I’m afraid I’ll get swallowed up and no one will ever find me! I need to plan
    better next year. My tomatoes, peppers and egg plant are in another garden plot and it’s just as messy. What was I thinking. I do need to tend my soil this year. Lots of compost and loving needed this fall.

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