Square Foot Gardening – Slugs Ate My Cucumber Plants

Square Foot Gardening

I think it’s been raining now for about the last week and a half. At first it was kind of nice but now, it’s getting a little depressing. Why can’t it just rain at night while we are all sleeping? Think how much more we could all get done outside in our gardens. Seriously.

brown slug

Mr. Brown Slug decided to slime his way over to the cucumber starts and eat them all. I hope he know this means war and that I will be going out there later today and salting his slimy little arse to death.

I’m not into pesticides, but salt, heck ya. Bring.It.On.

kale plant

I think when Ryan my online boyfriend comes to town later this week I am going to make him a kale smoothie. Yep, that’s one way to get rid of the leafy greens. 😉
broccoli plant

I don’t know about you, but I am having a heck of a time growing broccoli this year. Last year I was able to harvest a nice sized basket of the little green trees, but this year? No such luck. Boooo!

green bean seedlings

Check out the green beans. They look like little soldiers standing tall.


I do believe it’s time to harvest the radishes! This will be our first harvest from the square foot garden. I’m excited to keep track of how much food we can produce this year from a 4×8 raised garden bed.

red leaf lettuce

And take a look at our red leafed lettuce. Isn’t she lovely? Award winning for sure.

sugar snap pea flower

The sugar snap peas vines are covered with tiny white flowers. It won’t be long now until stir-fry is on the menu. How are your peas doing? Do they have any flowers yet?

garden gnomes strawberries

And last but no least, Mr. Gnome Guy.Poor thing, he’s been getting soaked all week outside in the rain. It’s a good thing he’s a hardy little bugger. This being our first square foot garden, I think everything is looking pretty good.

I must say though, I am pretty surprised at how all the plants are getting along with each other. So far, so good.


Read more about my adventures in Square Foot Gardening.

Are you thinking about putting together a Square foot garden? See the how I built a square foot garden grid HERE.

All New Square Foot Gardening

For more information, check out All New Square Foot Gardening.  It is an amazon bestseller and the author, Mel Bartholomew is basically the king of square foot gardening.

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  1. Karen-Eva Starling Smith says

    Salt… Noooooooo, You’ll Kill the Birds.. VERY BAD IDEA… Use beer.. much better.

  2. Miriam W says

    Pssttt…. Instead of using salt and harming your soil, you should just bury a small container of beer and drown the slimy suckers.

  3. says

    The slugs ate all my cucumbers, too. I bought some more starts, but I’m not puttin’ ’em in until the rain slows down. I don’t know how you can keep the nasty critters off of everything. I go out every morning with my coffee and clippers and kill dozens of them. And they’re still eating the heck out of everything. I HATE SLUGS.

  4. Trixi Agrios says

    Hi Mavis, The leaves of the broccoli plant are delicious and as much of a hit at my house as the crowns. I simply remove the leaves from the stem, roll and slice before sautéing in a wok or large frying pan. Add a little olive oil, garlic and a chopped onion, like you would with kale, spinach or collard greens. If you think the leaves are bitter you can add a teaspoon of sugar but with young leaves I’ve never needed to add anything other than a bit of salt and pepper to the recipe. Just sauté for about 5 minutes and you’ll have delicious side dish. Nutritious too. Enjoy! Trixi Agrios, North Vancouver, BC

  5. CL ROSE says

    I’ve been reading about using broken eggshells as a barrier to deter slugs, havent tried it yet but will soon when I replant new cucumber seeds

  6. Melissa says

    Ha! This is the first time, since I’ve been a reader, that you’ve mentioned anything about critter obstacles. I’ve never heard you mention rabbits, squirrels, racoons, or deer getting into your garden delights. Do you have some secret weapons for keeping wildlife out of your urban farm there?

  7. Stephanie says

    I was having slug trouble in just one of my square foot gardens. I made a series of concentric copper rings out of copper ice maker line for each plant (I call them garden jewelry). It has kept the slugs off really well as long as I keep the leaves up off the ground so those slimy warriors can’t breach the shiny metal safety & decimate my crops. They also sell copper mesh online for the same purpose, but I had leftover refrigerator line in my garage.

  8. says

    I tried crushed eggshells in my garden and it didn’t do a thing to discourage the slugs. The only things I’ve had work are chili powder around my plants and using citrus around it to distract them (it also keeps the cats away).

  9. says

    My broccoli and cauliflower haven’t taken off yet either. I was worried, but it sounds like most of my neighboring gardens are at the same place.
    So glad to read of the tip from a reader about eating the leaves! We’re going to try that tonight!

  10. Charla Echlin says

    I was just wondering if you had any slugs down South- because they are BAD up here, AND I live on a creek and there are frogs everywhere- so I can’t imagine ho many I would have without them gobbling up a few hundred every day. But yep- they ate my cucumbers too- in my green house no less. I had 24 starts- I’m down to 12. I do use Sluggo (which is allowed for organic gardening)- good because it only kills slugs. But it’s so expensive I only use it on my very dearest plants. I usually go out on slug patrol every morning and toss them in my creek- (I figure I’m just helping the food web).
    I did discover something new this year- Last summer I threw a bunch of clam shells out around my iris (which get eaten terribly every spring)- and low and behold the slugs stayed clear this spring, I think I picked one slug off this spring- So then I put some around my broccoli a few weeks ago that were getting eaten really bad- and surprise- they stayed away. So hey- I’m off to Alla Spit on Whidbey Island this weekend to pick up a few pounds of clam shells!

  11. says

    in the desert we don’t have many problems with these.. but we have plenty of other pest. i am wondering if the diluted dish soap will work like it does on other down falls.

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