Square Foot Gardening

square foot gardening

It’s been awhile since I’ve given an update on my square foot garden, so this morning Lucy the puggle dog and I snapped a few pictures for you.

puggle puppies

I forgot to pull the broccoli plant up before we left. Technically we could chop up the broccoli stalk and eat it, but Lucy and I decided to just harvest the few remaining florets and compost the rest {the chickens got the leaves}.

potato leaf with holes

Our two potato plants were starting to take over the garden and with all the tiny holes in the leaves, I was afraid some sort of bug was going to infest the rest of the square foot garden so we went ahead and pulled up the plants.

puggle puppies

Digging is one of Lucy’s favorite garden chores.


Wowza! Check out the kohlrabi. We harvested those too. They were the size of softballs!

green tomato

We also have a few green tomatoes growing in the square foot garden as well.

green bean flowers

The green beans should be ready towards the end of next week.

square foot gardening

This is what our square foot garden looked like after the big harvest. All those squares that are marked with stars are where we planted summer squash seeds. With a little bit of luck we should be harvesting squash by around mid September. We’ll see.

Are you doing any square foot gardening this summer? If so, how’s it going?


square foot garden

2013 Total Square Foot Garden Harvest: 9 pounds 2 ounces

Broccoli 13 ounces
Kale 13 ounces
Kolhrabi 2pounds 8 ounces
Lettuce 6 ounces
Onions 4 ounces
Peas 9 ounces
Potatoes 3 pounds 3 oz
Radishes 10 ounces
Strawberries 2 ounces

Read more about my adventures in Square Foot Gardening.

Are you thinking about putting together a Square foot garden? See the how I built a square foot garden grid HERE.

All New Square Foot Gardening

For more information, check out All New Square Foot Gardening.  It is an amazon bestseller and the author, Mel Bartholomew is basically the king of square foot gardening.

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  1. Carolon't says

    Mavis, your garden looks great! Thanks for the info on kohlrabi, I have been wondering when I should harvest mine. I don’t plant a traditional in-the-ground garden, too much clay and I don’t like to work that hard. :) I bought several huge planters that may be one and a half square feet planting space each. In one of them I have four kohlrabi plants and I think they may be ready to try out. If I can get some decent photos of my containers before I harvest, I’ll send them in to you.

  2. says

    I found your blog a couple of days ago and I love it. Your garden looks so amazing and everything is growing so wonderfully.
    Did you see the bug that ate the potato leaves? Maybe it’s a colorado potato beetle? They eat the potato leaves and can destroy the whole plant. My grandfather always goes to his potato plants in the morning to pick all those bugs from the leaves. Here is a link with some information. Apparently they’ll eat any plants in the nightshade family if there aren’t any potatoes nearby.


  3. Allison says

    Just wanted to let you know I planted summer squash in one square of the square foot garden last year and it took over. It will get huge and take more than one square. This year, I planted squash and zucchini in a four-square and just planted spinach around the edges to harvest before the squash were too big.


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