The Dirty Dash – Boise, Idaho

Today I participated in the Boise Dirty Dash

My friend Amber chose the outfits. She loves the movie Dirty Dancing.  Can you tell?  The boys were Patrick Swayze and the girls were Jennifer Grey.  The only item the boys had to remember to bring was a pair of black spandex shorts, but Marky Mark on the right forgot “running spandex” so he just ran in his underwear.  Classy.

The night before the Dirty Dash Amber decided to buy 4 watermelons as an accessory for our costumes.


Well, remember the part in the movie when Johnny asks his cousin “Why is she here” and Baby tells him “I carried a watermelon,” Amber was like, we should carry watermelons… That would be so funny!

Yes, trying to carry a watermelon uphill, while trying to run a 5k 5 miles and jumping over obstacles like climbing walls, hay bales and tires was a totally brilliant idea.

Okay so actually it was a really stupid idea. And to Amber’s disappointment, we ditched the melons before the first obstacle.

If you have never ran the Dirty Dash race in Boise before, let me warn you.  6/8th of the race is uphill.  Like as in ski slope type of a hill.  Good times.

The obstacles and mud are just an added bonus.

Luckily there are refreshments offered around the halfway mark.  Note to self: Never, ever, eat blackberry pie, ice cream, and milk duds for a pre-race meal, then drink a can of root beer and then proceed to run downhill for 1 mile. Not a good idea. Trust me {I’ll spare you the photos}.

Life is good.


*I’ll upload the video we made in just a little bit.  I need to get the mud off me first.

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  1. Carolyn C says

    You look like you had lots of fun! Next time have the guys wear shirts that say no one puts baby in the corner! You always make me laugh out loud as I read all about your adventures from my computer back here in the great garden state of NJ! Peace out!

  2. Ashley says

    Love the theme! I feel like I need a nap just from thinking about all that physical activity. Looks like a blast!

  3. says

    Never thought i would turn green with envy about somebody playing in the mud, but i am. actually i love mud playing. must have been deprived in my childhood; i ate more dirt and mud than i played in. anyway – looks like a great weekend and loads of fun. thanks for sharing.

  4. Helen says

    Do it while you are young…I am so glad you are having so much fun! You will never regret it! I still talk to my girlfriends about the crazy things we used to do and we laugh! Girls Rock!

  5. says

    Yay for you! My hubby and I did the Dirty Dash Tacoma at the beginning of the month and we had a blast! I want to do it again…soon! I went with a group of gals and we called ourselves the Cowgirl Terrorists. My hubby went on a different wave on his own. LOTS of fun, eh?

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