This is Manure. You Can’t Eat.

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I received a special delivery from Japan today.

Do you think the Japanese think Americans are stupid? Or is it just a language barrier? Because along with the item I ordered, the company sent me a “present.”  Japanese manure.  With strict instructions.

“This is manure.  You can’t eat!!

Is there any kind of manure you CAN eat?

Can anyone read Japanese? Is this a price tag?

How much did these plastic cucumber and star molds really cost?

All I know is this…

According to the customs paperwork, my Japanese connection declared the value of my package 6.960 Japanese Yen.

Which as you can see above, works out to be $.08.

Holy Crap.

I paid $87. {Seriously I did!!} Ahhh Hahahaha!

I think I need to find an empty suitcase and buy myself a ticket to Japan.  Quick!

If I find these in the Dollar Store the next time I go, I’m going to hurt myself.



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  1. Krista S. says:

    Oh my god, I just laughed myself silly!

  2. Hey, just so you know, in a lot of other countries, they use a period instead of a comma to separate hundreds and thousands places and so forth. So instead of 6.96 yen, the value they actually put down was 6,960 yen. That should make a little bit more sense!

  3. I like the comment of Liz. That makes more sense. Please don’t hurt yourself if you find them cheaper! :)

  4. Oh gosh, I feel like I owe you money for putting the idea into your head.

    Hmm, you know you could probably feed your family for a decade for the price of those, don’t you?!

    I like you crazy lady, I like you a lot.

    Happy cucuamber growing!

  5. Holy Crap, you had me at “I paid $87″! Love your blog.
    Educational AND funny too.
    Please consider me a loyal follower.
    Nice to find someone local who is gardening year round and at the same time doesn’t have a garden that looks like a hoarder’s season finale episode, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    P.S. if your bored, here’s one of my $ mistakes…

  6. I will be chuckling all weekend long about these cucumber shapers. What a hoot. My kids would love them but the price is way too steep for me. You never cease to amaze me. I would have bet my life that you would NEVER pay $87. for cucumber shapers unless you were receiving 1000+ units and could barter and sell them for huge profit.
    Keep us posted on the great cucumber shape up!

  7. It actually is not a price tag. The first photo is a list of the contents. Second one is just some instructions. I don’t see a price tag on any of the photos you took. Also, there’s no way anything in Japan would cost 8 cents. 😉 I think you are fine.

  8. Hey Mavis- new to your blog here(and love it!). I have been looking for those molds everywhere! They are super expensive-where did you buy them from??

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