Video | Mavis Butterfield visits Making it in America

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Here is the bartering video in case you missed the live version on Making it in America with Vinnie Politan.

P.S.  I have no idea why on earth I am smiling SO BIG in the video. You’d think with my crappy British teeth, I’d be trying to keep my mouth shut. Oh, and who is that monkey in the sky I keep looking up too?

Geez, I’ve really got to work on my interview skills. Ha!


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  1. Great job!!! The beginning where you were bartering with strangers was hilarious!

  2. Each time you need to listen and make sure any interviewer states your correct website.
    This guy told American that your website was:


  3. You look so happy!!!

  4. Thanks for posting this video. Love it, love it! Funny & inspirational.

  5. Too funny! What’s the street value of! Great job Mavis!

  6. bonnie fuentevilla says:


    This shows people that we can all be closer and that bartering is a great icebreaker.
    You ROCK !!!

  7. Thanks for posting the video! I think you did a good job bartering in public…that would be hard, because what do people really have on them that you can barter for?

  8. missmallorina says:

    Just so excited to be on HLN! I love your smile!

  9. So, so funny! And Francisco is awesome. What a guy!

  10. I am a school teacher and I needed some mechanical pencils. So, I sent an email out asking my colleagues to barter with me. I walked away with over 6 mechanical pencils and they walked away with some of my “teacher” junk stored in my desk drawer. The key is to make sure each person is happy with what they get. :) Well done on the video!

  11. This was the first time I saw this- awesome!!! You are so stinking cute and fun. Rock on, Mavis!!

  12. Thanks for posting the video…very cute. You are just adorable and I LOVE your website.

    Keep up the great work.

  13. You inspire me. Just saying. I am gleaing some pears this weekend an abandond tree near a refinery. Then my biker friend was amazed on my chicken run so he wants chicken. Low and behold he just had a hog slaughtered so from your teachings OBI ONE i said that I WOULD BARTER. Well see what he brings to the table. Thanks again

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