Walton’s Mountain Museum and Earl Hamner’s Home

Walton Mountain Museum

I LOVE the Walton’s.  I own all of the DVD’s.  It was one of the very few programs I would let my kids watch when they were younger besides PBS {we didn’t do the Disney Channel, we watched shows like the Walton’s, Leave it to Beaver, and The Andy Griffith show instead}.

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner Jr.

So, on our trip to Virginia this weekend when The Girl and I found out the Walton’s Mountain Museum was close by, did we check it out?  Yes, John-Boy, we did!

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner Jr. House

The museum itself is actually set in an old school–the same school that Earl Hamner graduated from {Earl Hamner wrote the book Spencer’s Mountain, which the show The Walton’s was based on}.

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner Jr. House

The museum is broken up into 5 classrooms–each houses replicas of different aspects of the show:  John-Boy’s bedroom, Ike Godsey’s Store, the Walton’s Kitchen, their living room and a cute little gift shop.

Walton Mountain Museum Ike Godsey's Store

Even though the replicas weren’t exact, it was still an awesome trip down memory lane.  It reminded me of when the kids were little balls of chubbiness all over again.

It made me think back on the the days when we would all sit on the couch and watch the Waltons, just to pass a lazy afternoon away.  What is it about having teenagers that makes you nostalgic for little ones again.Walton Mountain Museum Script

In addition to the replicated rooms, there were scripts from the show and pictures of the cast.  I loved reading through the scripts–is it wrong that I can remember all the episodes?

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner House

And even cooler than the museum {in my opinion} was the home across the street from the Museum. It was the one Earl Hamner and his brother’s and sisters grew up in. Yes!! We went in his house! :)

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner House

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner Jr.

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner Jr. House

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner Jr. House

Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner Jr. House

Even though the Hamner family home wasn’t as big as the Walton’s house on t.v., it was still cool to be able to peek in the rooms {the kitchen was my favorite} and to see how his family lived.

Walton Mountain Museum ChurchWe also snapped a photo of a church that was just down the hill {I wonder if it’s the one he attended?} and drove past the site of the “new” Ike Godsey’s General Store {the original one burnt down in the late 80’s}.

Let me tell you it was an awesome trip down memory lane.

Did you watch the Waltons?

Don’t you wish there were more “wholesome” shows like that now?


Walton Mountain Museum Earl Hamner Jr. House

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  1. says

    Would you believe that I have never been to visit the Walton museum? Sometimes when something is nearly in your backyard, you just take it for granted!

  2. Jana Williamson says

    I would love to see the Museum and Earl Hamner’s house. I think that would be a really cool trip. I watched the show when it was on the air, in fact am the same age as the actress that played Elizabeth and can remember every episode as well. It is much more fun now to get to watch/stream the series and not have to wait a week for the next show. I am on season 4 now as I am streaming them all from beginning to end.

  3. Teri says

    I would love to viist the Walton’s museums, I too have ll the DVDs and think its a great family show- it’s also good for high strung older adults like me that need to relax, takes me back to a different place and time. Other good family series are Little House on tthe Prarie, Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman and raod to Avonlea.

  4. says

    I loved watching The Waltons as a child and looked forward to the show every week! I have half of the DVD set now, and love watching the shows all over again!

  5. Rosaleen says

    “What is it about having teenagers that makes you nostalgic for little ones again.”
    Did you really need to ask? Oh, wait it was a rhetorical question!

  6. Michelle Proper says

    Those were definitely better times for all. I will still watch old repeats whenever they are on. What I would give for my Grandchildren to be raised on wholesome shows like The Waltons <3 Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Holly H says

    This is wonderful! My kids (grade school age) and I are still watching the Walton’s- almost everyday (time permitting)! Such a great family show and we never get tired of it! Love the pictures!

  8. Tina says

    I loved this show as a child and will have to share it with my 9 year old daughter. We are currently watching Little House on the Prairie, another childhood fav of mine. And yes, I long for shows like these to “escape with” and feel good about watching with my kids–you definitely do not find them on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon shows!

  9. Laura says

    The Walton’s was on when I was a teenager. I watched a few with my friends, but no one I knew was really into it at the time. It was up against the Flip Wilson variety show, and my family never missed that!

  10. says

    The Walton’s kitchen picture is ‘kitchen porn’ for me. That is my dream kitchen (except that I’d hide a microwave, food processor and Kitchen Aid mixer in there somewhere).

  11. Carrie says

    Thank you for sharing this!! The Waltons was my favorite TV show growing up… I still have a thing for “John Boy”! I will go to visit this museum next trip to my parents’ home in VA!

  12. Lisa Scott says

    Ok, I have to tell my story :) My husband grew up living three houses down from Audrey Hamner Hankins and her children. Audrey is the sister of Earl who, on the show was Erin Walton. My husband and Audreys son, Jimmy Hankins (Whose nickname was “Bunky”) were best buddies! They lived in Roanoke Virginia at that time. My husband actually met Earl Hamner once when he came to visit the family and he went to school and talked to the class but this was before the show was on TV and Earl was an aspiring author. My husband tells stories all the time about the adventures he and Bunky had while growing up.
    My mother in law tells the story of going over one afternoon to visit with Audrey and as my MIL went to sit on the couch Audrey announced that the boys had lost their pet snake somewhere in the house and that she wanted to let my MIL know so that if she saw it, they could catch it. My MIL didn’t stay long on that visit! LOL!
    When my husband and I got married, our honeymoon was a trip to Charlottesville (We did not have money for a get away and Charlottesville was as far as our money would go) and while we were there we visited the house and the original Godseys store. (We were married in 85) My husband and Bunky were such good friends in fact, that we call my son “Bunky” as well. It really is a small world :)

  13. michelle says

    my 16 year old daughter is what we like to call an “honorary Walton.” She watches them over and over (records them on the DVR). She is the only 16 year old I know who identifies with the Walton’s and their culture and values (big family, chickens, etc) more than the culture she lives in (ipods, boys, etc). The Waltons has been a wonderful addition to our family’s life and I had no idea there was a museum. Now I’m going to have to find a way to get my girl there.

  14. Paula S. says

    Watching the Waltons this Thanksgiving and reminded of a Berea College schoolmate who died recently…Andy Hankins…the son of Audrey (or Erin) Hamner Hankins. He was a wonderful person and a huge light in the Agriculture department in Petersburg, VA. He was one of the humblest, most generous of spirit and time, and greatly appreciated people most of us has ever known…he died way too soon and is very missed by many….

  15. Sydney says

    We watch the Waltons too on Hallmark. I very rarely allow my daughter to watch anything on Disney channel, the kids all have poor respect for their families and are so spoiled… Very unrealistic to what real life is like, or what it should be like. My kid also watches a lot of PBS. We’ll have to go see it if/when we ever get back east to visit family.

  16. Carole says

    I went to Schuyler last May, It was wonderful. I was saddened to hear about the falling out with the Hamner family and the museum (since that is very unWalton like). The original Hamner house was beautiful. I really had a nice visit with the owner of the bookstore. (Johnboys shed). He was so full of information I went back the next day. Now after going to the museum I have started watching all of the DVD’s and collecting my own Waltons stuff. IE” Butter churn, old wood stove, the red dishes in the kitchen, etc. Remember the second hand washer that John boy bought for Olivia. I now have it. I have now been looking at 1929 Ford trucks to buy. They just don’t make shows like the Walton’s anymore.

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