Week #50 On One Hundred Dollars A Month

I made 1 shopping trip last week.  That is it.  I have no idea where the time went or what I was doing. I have no excuse. 😉 Here is what I bought:

2 Gallons of Milk $5.58
4 Bottles of Soda $1.00
3 bottles of Cranberry Juice $1.47
6 Tubes of Colgate Toothpaste $.50 (tax)
10 cans of Taco Bell Refried Beans: FREE
2 Bottles of Coke Zero: FREE
1 Dozen Eggs: FREE
1 Bag of Pita Bread: FREE
1 Bag of Mini Carrots: FREE

Did I ever tell you I like to pick through the trash?  Why Mavis, why do you do it? You are a crazy person.  BECAUSE THERE IS FREE FOOD IN THE TRASH!

Total Spent OOP This Week: $0 (I used my Albertsons gift card)
Total Spent Year To Date $1187.08

I now have $11.88 in cash left to spend and $7.24 left on my free Albertsons gift card I won over the summer. HOLY CRACKERS!!!! Let’s hope I can bring home lot’s and lot’s of leftovers from Christmas Dinner at my parents house. :)

How did YOU do last week?  Score any good deals?

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  1. Gloria says

    Go, Mavis! You got this. I have told all my friends about your challenge this year. When you finish up the year with money in your pocket, I’m gonna post the link on my facebook. Can’t wait to see what you do in 2012.

  2. desi says

    On the catalina deal how will they know that they aren’t yours? My cashier today also told me they won’t accept coupons if they have another stores logo on them, even if they don’t say “only at”. Weird. I’m not sure I like their new policy.

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